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The Dogs of Hoboken: Archie {The Beagle Mix Puppy}

by Will
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In this edition of The Dogs of Hoboken we bring you the story of the little puppy that could — and we’re pleased to introduce Archie. Although Archie is only a few months old, he’s already been through quite the ordeals in his young life. Archie’s puppy parent Alexandra filled us on the story of her little man, below.


“We always knew we wanted to rescue because we wanted to save a dog in need of a good home.” says Alexandra. “We adopted little Archie on July 31st from a rescue in New Jersey. Archie had come from a high-kill shelter in South Carolina where he was found with his 7 sisters and mom, and at only 11 weeks old, he had already fought off worms, fleas, ticks, parasites, and kennel cough. We loved our little fighter immediately.”


“Within the first few days of bringing him home, he became very ill and was soon diagnosed with Parvovirus, which is a fatal virus that kills 90% puppies unless it is quickly and aggressively treated. When he was admitted to the vet hospital, we were told that with treatment he would have a 50% chance of survival, and that we had to be prepared for anything.”


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“We were beside ourselves at the thought of losing him. Fortunately, after a week-long battle with Parvo, Archie kicked the virus and is now as healthy and energetic as a puppy should be. We can’t imagine life without him, and everything he has been through has just made us all the more appreciative of him. He’s our miracle pup!”

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Archie Q & A:

Favorite sleeping spot?

Any sliver of sunlight he can find!

Favorite dog treat?

He’s never met a treat he doesn’t like…

Favorite human food?

He got his paws on a string cheese once, and has been raving about it ever since.


His Uncle Marty, a big old house cat who has kicked his butt more than once.

Celebrity counterpart?

Guy Fieri {always in search of Flavortown, USA}.

Favorite naughty habit?

Digging for buried treasure in our back yard. His loot include a tin can lid, various bottle caps and a garden hose nozzle.

Scared of?

The Hoboken street sweeper. {Editor’s note: WHO ISN’T!?}

Obsessed with?

Acorns {and the squirrels that eat them}.

Spirit animal?

Archie is going through puppy teething so we would have to go with an alligator.




Want your pup featured in our next Hoboken Dogs edition? Email [email protected] with photos of your pup and his/her story. xo


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