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We’re Kinda Obsessed with sipMARGS (Plus, Where to Find in Hoboken + Jersey City)

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Making a cocktail at home isn’t too complicated, but add a few friends for a dinner party, a day at the beach, or a tailgate party and you can spend more time mixing drinks than mixing with friends. That’s why we’re obsessed with New Jersey-born brand sipMARGS, a line of ready-to-drink margaritas, so you can literally leave the cocktail shaker in the drawer and forget squeezing a tree’s worth of limes — and trade for a delish canned cocktail in hand, ready to go wherever the Sunday Funday takes you. Keep reading to learn more about the New Jersey-based company sipMARGS, where to find these margaritas in Hoboken + Jersey City, and why we love them.

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Better-for-You Canned Cocktails

Co-founders Brian Axelrod and Joey Angelo were in search of a quick and easy cocktail when they launched sipMARGS in May 2021 featuring four better-for-you canned cocktails. 

The all-natural sipMARGS recipe is pretty simple: tequila, triple sec, and sparkling water, which elevates the drink while highlighting the burst of natural juices and tropical flavors like classic lime, coconut, mezcal, and mango. 

Comparable to a “skinny” margarita, each SipMARGS drink only contains 120 to 130 calories and 8 grams of carbs.

sipmargs founders

Brian Axelrod, Joey Angelo, Russ Sonenclar

The Flavors

There are four flavors already released, with a fifth (spicy!!) on the way:

Classic Lime has a bright, vibrant citrus flavor which is equally tart and sweet with a taste reminiscent of your favorite margarita cocktail. 

The Coconut sipMARGS is cool and light with a mild and sweet whisper of coconut.

The sweet and fruity taste of the Mango flavor is bold and juicy, making for a refreshing drink. 

Bringing a taste of Mexico’s traditional agave spirit to the table, the sipMARGS Mezcal margarita has a hint of smokiness, herbal notes, and a touch of sweetness for a distinctively delicious flavor. 

Just in time for spring, a new flavor launch = Spicy sipMARGS is launching on Tuesday, March 1st.

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Where to Find sipMARGS Drinks in Hudson County

You can find sipMARGS drinks at various businesses in both Hoboken + Jersey City. With nine locations in Hoboken and seven locations in Jersey City, keep an eye out for sipMARGS the next time you’re at one of the following locations.

Hoboken Locations

Pier 13 | 1301 Sinatra Drive

City Bistro | 56 14th Street

GRAND Vin | 500 Grand Street

The Shannon | 106 First Street

McCarthy’s Pub | 104 Hudson Street

Wicked Wolf Tavern | 121 River Street

Schmitty’s | 359 First Street

Delite Market | 420 Washington Street

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Jersey City Locations

Liquor City | 321 Rt 440 S Stadium Plaza

Central Ave Liquors | 210 Central Avenue

Jersey City Buy Rite | 575 Manila Avenue

Buy + Savings | 32 Coles Street

The Ashford | 145 Newark Avenue

Pint Bar | 34 Wayne Street

Porta | 135 Newark Avenue 

Gringo’s  | 12 Coles Street

Smorgas Bar | 3 2nd Street

Waterfront Wine + Liquor | 81 Montgomery Street

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Available in Select Stores + Online

You can find sipMARGS in select stores in New Jersey, New York, and Florida, but you can also save yourself the trip and simply order online. A single-flavor four-pack works out to about $3/drink – easily a third of what you’d pay at a restaurant or bar and going for the variety pack only adds 50 cents more per drink. 

Shipping is made easy with a $20 flat-rate fee on all orders, so might as well stock up!

sipmargs hoboken

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