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10 Facts About Jersey City You Might Not Know

by Kaitlyn
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We know the basics about Jersey City {and of course what we love about it} — it’s a diverse and historic city with people from all different cultures, it’s home of the iconic Colgate Clock, has an incredible food and art scene, and of course sports some ridiculous NYC views. But we thought we’d bring you ten facts about Jersey City you might not know to get you a little better aquatinted with our neighbor to the south {and west}.

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1. As of 2017, JC has reclaimed its status as the most diverse city in the US. The next NJ city on the list is Clifton at #25.

2. The oldest structure in Jersey City is the Newkirk House, from the first of the original Dutch settlers in the late 1600s.

3. While Jersey City is the second most populous town in New Jersey {Newark being the first}, it is definitely the oldest city in the state — dating back to 1630 when it was deeded to Michael Reyniersz Pauw.

4. Richard Florida, Senior Editor of TheAtlantic, named Jersey City the 10th most artistic city in the country, using a formula to compare the population of a city to the number of resident artists.

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5. The Jersey City Medical Center was not only the first medical center in New Jersey, but also one of the first in the United States.

6. The Pulaski Skyway, completed in 1932, cost about the same as Manhattan’s famous Chrysler Building, making it the most expensive bridge of its day.

7. The Goldman Sachs Tower is the tallest building in New Jersey, as well as the tallest building in the country which is not within its metro area’s largest city.


8. Thanks to a $5 million donation, the Liberty Science Center’s IMAX theater will be the country’s and North America’s largest planetarium.

9. Despite New York having legal jurisdiction over her, the Statue of Liberty’s residence is actually in Jersey City.


10.  When Henry Hudson first landed in the area, he described it as offering “safe harborage.” Over 10 million of the original immigrants coming through Ellis Island claimed the same place — Communipaw in Liberty State Park — as their first footing in the United States. JC still offers safe harborage to all who visit.

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