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The Zipdrug App: A Hoboken-Created Prescription Delivery Service

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Have you ever been sick in bed, freshly home from the doctor and looking a hot mess, sneezing your head off — and then realize that you *still* need to pick up your meds from the pharmacy and have to wait in line to do so? Face palm. We’ve all been there. And that’s why we recently came across one of the coolest apps out there {and one that totally makes you think, ‘WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!’} — a delivery service for your prescriptions called Zipdrug.


Co-founded by former ad exec, serial entrepreneur, and Hoboken resident Stu Libby,  Zipdrug delivers prescriptions to your door in under an hour from when your prescriptions are ready and actually works with your pharmacy to save you time, money, and — most importantly — energy {because we all know you want to lay in bed like a slug and watch Netflix while hugging your box of Kleenex. Do you even have to be sick to want to do that? No judgment…}.

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Truth be told, it could be that, or you just need to refill your birth control and dread the Friday night or Saturday morning pharmacy rush. We get it. So here’s the deal on how to get your drugs delivered right to your door without having to lift a finger {except to type into the app}:

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How It Works

First, you open the app. Once logged in, you input your prescription script + your insurance + CC info [you’ll only have to do this part once – just like a ‘Seamless’ or ‘UBER’ situation]. Then, a Zipdrug delivery person goes to the pharmacy for you, puts in your meds, and picks them up. Knock knock — they’re at your front door.


So, How Do I Sign Up?

First, you sign up for the app {easy as any other app you’ve ever signed up for — can  download it on your phone OR do it online here}.

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Once you’ve done that, fill out your pharmacy info {above} so that Zipdrug can get your prescription filled at the location of your choice. The app and site have options to check off whether your insurance is already at the pharmacy or not, as well as the pharmacy’s address, and the delivery address. All basic info that will be instrumental in making your drug deliveries as seamless as possible.

If your insurance isn’t at the pharmacy, you’ll need to have it handy or else you’ll be paying out of pocket. That way, your Zipdrug delivery person can utilize it to get you your meds/pills/supplies from the pharmacy and you don’t have to do a thing once it’s inputted into the system.

How Much?

Your first delivery with Zipdrug is FREE! The cost of your medications is charged to your credit card after insurance deductions. The app may also save you a little moolah because it gets prescription discounts as a “frequent” buyer. It was so easy to use, and pretty clutch that your first delivery is free so you can test it out while getting some meds you need delivered.


This is Awesome. But I Don’t Live in NYC, Hoboken, or Jersey City!

Right now Zipdrug is only available in the New York metro area and now Hoboken {YASS!} and Jersey City. But, given its popularity and growth, we can only imagine this will soon be going national {hello, UBER of drug delivery!}. And to think it all started in little ol’ Hoboken.

A Few Things to Know

There are a few limitations to Zipdrug deliveries:

  •  They aren’t able to deliver some drugs {including pain narcotics, ADD stimulants and seizure medication} for obvious reasons.
  • While the idea of a third-party dealing with sensitive information like a prescription is slightly unnerving, Zipdrug’s CEO assures that the data is 100 percent secure and that the service abides by all HIPAA guidelines.
  • All dispatchers who deliver drugs have gone through background checks and drug screening, so you can be assured that your meds are in safe hands.
  • BTW, if you are at a CityMD in Hoboken getting your meds, you’re in luck. Zipdrug has partnered with CityMD drop-in clinics to sign up patients at their automated kiosks — so you’ll be ready to order your drugs.


So sicky-poo, what are you waiting for? Download the app at the iTunes Store — or sign up online here and your first delivery is FREE {+ the cost of prescription}. Enjoy!

Have you ever tried Zipdrug? What did you think?

Make sure to download it ASAP so that you don’t have to deal with a (literal) headache the next time you’re sick!

This post is sponsored, but we pretty much only share the coolest apps and fun things — and would never steer you wrong. xo


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