Home Best of Guides Your Complete Guide to the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX {in Hoboken}: Where to Watch, What to Eat, Where to Order From, What to Do Instead

Your Complete Guide to the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX {in Hoboken}: Where to Watch, What to Eat, Where to Order From, What to Do Instead

by Jennifer Tripucka
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It’s here! Our guide to the 2015 SuperBowl in Hoboken — whether you’re watching the game from the comfort of your home or venturing out to a bar…or if you SERIOUSLY HATE FOOTBALL {ps: say XLIX fast and it sounds like ex-lax, hee hee!}. Anyyyyway, without further ado, here it is:

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{8 of Our Fave Bars to Watch the Games}

1. TV Central — Black Bear Bar & Grill

black bear hoboken girl

205 Washington Street

Black Bear Bar & Grill boasts a wall of TVs and two levels of game-watching fun. Add some $12 beer buckets of Coors Light, fan giveaways, and other drink specials — and it’s a party!

2. Music Interludes — Wicked Wolf


120 Sinatra Drive

Wicked Wolf has the best musical interludes during commercials. They always play some crowd-pleasing untz untz to get the party atmosphere going and are offering $15 Coors Light towers! You must make table reservations; call 201-659-7500.

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3. Open Bar & Buffet — Trinity Bar

306 Sinatra Dr

306 Sinatra Dr

Zap Fitness

Trinity has a full food buffet + open bar starting at 6pm — buy your tickets here for $35. They also have a giant projector screen to watch the big game.


4. Projection Screen and a Free Limo Ride — Willie McBrides

willie mcbrides limo

616 Grand Street

If you’re a seasoned Hoboken resident, you know that Willie’s offers FREE limo rides to the bar. Pretty perfect for a sloppy Superbowl Sunday if you ask me. You can also enter to win a 2 night stay at Split Rock & 4 one day passes at its indoor water park!


5. Where Your NYC Friends Will Come to Hang — Texas Arizona


Yes, across from the PATH…the only way to convert your NYC friends to a Hoboken Superbowl Sunday. Not a bad place to be for the game either!


6. Free Food and Shuffleboard/Pool: The Ale House

The Ale House {also winner of best neighborhood bar in 2014} is offering FREE food at halftime and also fun bar games including darts, pool, and shuffleboard. So fun!

 7. A Bar with a Ton of Space — Biggie’s on Newark Street

Recently visited by HG, this is a great bar with tons of booths and high top tables for your game viewing pleasure. Easy access from the PATH or downtown Hoboken. Plus, their Caesar Salad and burgers are nothing to scoff at either!

8. Sip Martinis While You Watch — 10th and Willow

10th and willow martinis


A bar for everyone — drink specials, TVs, buffalo wings {and shrimp!}, and delicious cocktails!



{5 Fun Bets to Make on the SuperBowl}

1. What color will Katy Perry’s hair be in the beginning of the halftime show?

2. Which puppy commercial will be trending more on Twitter, GoDaddy’s awful one or BudLight’s cute one?

3. Over or under 2 minutes for Idina Menzel to sing the national anthem?

4. Will Bill Belichick smile on camera during the game?

5. What color will the gatorade be that they pour on the winning team?


{5 Appetizers Made in Hoboken to Order In}

PS: Make sure to order ahead!

1. Gluten Free Pizza: Grimaldi’s on Washington


Delicious pizza + they have a gluten free pizza option that tastes like the real thing. ‘Nuff said.


2. Sandwich Platter, Wings, or XL pies: Tony Boloney’s

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 4.22.52 PM

100 Wing Platters made to order! Yum.

Tony’s has some great XL pies {voted best pizza 2014 by HG}, plus their sammys and 100 wings in a box are nothing to scoff at, either!

3. Authentic Cheesesteaks: Midtown Philly Steaks

midtown philly cheesesteaks

These cheese steaks are NO JOKE! Featured here in our latest delivery guide, they’re sure to make you think that Hoboken has the yummiest cheese steaks around.

4. WINGS: Carpe Diem

carpe diem free wings hoboken girl

Order wings from Carpe — you won’t be disappointed! So delicious, and if you go there on Sundays when football is on, they’re actually FREE! Not sure about ordering out though.

5. Fancy Schmancy Super Bowl Party: Anthony David’s 

Looking for something a little more “upscale” when it comes to Superbowl Eats? AD’s has you covered. Menu here.

{Appetizers to Make if You’re Having Your Own Party}

Click here for our 10 favorite DIY apps you can make at home. #YUM


{5 Things to Do if You Couldn’t Care Less About Football}

1. Go shopping

shopping pierre mint market

Pierre just found these booties at Mint Market, in case you were in need of a new pair!

Lot of boutiques in town will be open til 5 or 6, and the lines in most stores will be short — perfect to go on a Sunday shopping spree {Newport Mall closes at 6 as well, but Target in JC is open til 11pm and Home Goods in Secaucus is open til 8pm!}.

2. Organize your closet

Go through those old shoes, bags, and outfits that don’t fit or don’t serve a stylish purpose anymore. Tiffany Pinero is a wonderful stylist that can help with wardrobe rejuvenations, check her out here!

3. Meal Prep for the week

The Whole 30 Hoboken Abbey Bell Catering

Who needs Super Bowl food when you can go food shopping for healthy food and prepare it for the week? Read about my meal prepping done by Abbey Bell as part of the Whole 30 detox {she’s a local chef in Hoboken!}.

4. Go to the Movies in Hoboken

Here is the schedule — movies starting as early as 2pm and as late as 10pm!

5. Go to the Gym

Iron Plate's Private Training Studio in the Monroe Center

Iron Plate’s Private Training Studio in the Monroe Center

While everyone else is eating their calories for the week in one sitting, get some energy out by going to the gym. Check out our Health category on HG for a list of our favorite gyms!


Well, there you have it. Your complete guide to the Super Bowl, no matter which way you’re slicing it.

Have a wonderful celebration of all thangs ‘Merica. xo

*Trinity is now closed. 

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