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Get to Know the “Weenies” at Jersey City’s NJ Wiener Dog Club

by Erin Lanahan
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Walking around Hoboken + Jersey City is like a front-row seat to New Jersey’s most diverse dog show. There are so many different sizes, colors, and breeds of dogs being walked along Washington Street it’s hard to stop and pet every good boy and girl. A local group wanted to create a space for small dog owners to get to know other little dogs to build a community and get to know other dog owners in the Jersey City area. Read on to learn about the NJ Wiener Club and how to get involved with the local dog meetups.

Small Beginnings

The club was built by three local dog moms in Downtown Jersey City. They became friends through their Dachshunds. After running into each other at dog parks and on walks around Jersey City, they started coordinating their trips so their wiener dogs could spend time with each other. From there, the NJ Wiener Club was born.

The trio shared with The Hoboken Girl how they watched each dog become more comfortable and outgoing around each other. As they continued to see other Dachshunds in the neighborhood, the women noticed how the dogs were drawn to dogs of a similar breed. One wiener dog friend became two, which became three, and the contact list of Dachshund owners grew. “We knew we needed to find a way to bring them all together!” the “Ween Team” told HG. Not only were the dogs making new friends, but so were the dog owners.

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The women started to collect phone numbers from Dachshund owners located all over Northern New Jersey. They wanted to create a safe space where the little dogs could play with dogs their size. Even though many dog parks have designated space for small and larger dogs, the crew says they found “not everyone follows these designations and unfortunately, many of our dogs have had bad experiences because of it.”

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Welcoming Weenies

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Each month, the NJ Wiener Club posts several planned meetups on its Instagram, and the meetups take place at different spots around Jersey City. The group likes to rotate where they meet to not crowd any parks and to be respectful of other dog owners taking their dogs out for the day. Some favorite spots include Hamilton Park, Washington Park, Liberty State Park, and even local restaurants like Zeppelin Hall. They like to rotate locations and if a meet-up is on or off-leash to gauge the wiener dogs’ comfort levels, “whether they’re social, shy, young, or old,” says the group. Some of the other special events they held were seasonal, like a costume contest for Halloween or a wiener dog race for Oktoberfest.

One thing the Ween Team noticed during these meetups was how the Dachshunds thrived around each other. They tell HG that wiener dogs tend to gravitate towards their breed, and the meetups have given them a space to play with other dogs in a safe, welcoming environment. “We’ve heard countless times from members that they rarely took their Dachshund to the park before finding our club because they felt it wasn’t safe or hard for their dog to find friends of a similar size to play with,” the group says.

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The club also proved to be a great resource for other dog parents. The club says a lot of dog owners have swapped veterinarian referrals and dog sitter recommendations, along with building meaningful relationships. “We wanted to share the opportunity for Dachshund owners to make amazing friends and find meaningful connections the way our club founders did!” they told HG.

The crew is hoping to expand the meetups to Hoboken as the community grows. To keep up with the meetups, follow NJ Weiner Club’s Instagram page to keep a lookout for the monthly calendar.

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