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Our Made in New Jersey series is back — and for our gluten-free readers, this specific post is going to be your go-to, promise. So let’s get down to business. In Hudson County, there are a lot of spots and products that now cater to gluten-free and other allergen issues — and the number of places that offer these types of foods are growing by the day. But truly, if you have a food allergies, follow a restricted diet, or are just trying to be all around healthier, it can still be a pretty difficult task to scope out foods that are gluten-free and delicious. Lucky for you, we’ve found WHOS Gluten Free, a Jersey City company dedicated to gluten-free living.


^WHOS Gluten Free Granola {Yumm-o!}

Owned by baker extraordinaire Stephanie Wong, WHOS Gluten Free is a local Jersey City company who currently delivers to Hoboken and JC {before her storefront opens coming soon}. We first met Stephanie when she was housed in 942 Summit in The Heights several years ago, and then rekindled that gluten-free romance at the Hoboken Farmer’s Market when the air just turned crisp this fall {le sigh}.


^WHOS Gluten Free in all its glory

Traveling for work often, Steph was having a hard time finding healthy snacks after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. “I decided to start making my own snacks to take on the road. After that I decided that delicious and nutritious GF foods should be available to everyone,” she explained.


Stephanie’s delicious granola, with catchy names like Power Up, Across the Universe, and Oh, Canada {a personal fave — Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free rolled oats, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut, grape seed oil, agave, maple syrup, and brown rice syrup} instantly had us hooked. She bakes in a gluten-free dedicated facility in JC, music to anyone with actual gluten-allergy’s ears, that’s for sure. And if you’re vegan or paleo, some of her blends also check off those boxes as well.

HG- WhosGF-Pic

^WHO’S Banana nut muffin & lavender scone [yes, please!]

Sounds about enough to make her a full-time baker of gluten-free goodness, right? Not so fast — this baking chick is a #bossbabe if we’ve ever met one. Stephanie’s a production-manager by day, gluten-free baker by night, making deliveries to Hoboken and Jersey City for orders until her JC storefront opens up in a few months {stay tuned}.

So what are some of the must-haves from WHOS Gluten Free? Besides the granola that is ideal for any breakfast or dessert or snack or food in general situation {getting a little carried away here}, her lavender scone, banana muffins, and vegan nut bar will leave you saying, “Just one more bite…”


^vVgan magic bar with cashews & chocolate (left) & vegan health nut bar (right)

Speaking from personal experience, being on a restricted diet can be tricky, and sometimes you really just need a [hearty & healthy] muffin to go with your morning, noon, {and evening?!} coffees. Items like her Vegan Magic Bar, a dairy-free/gluten-free cashew-and-chocolate-covered delight, is absolutely divine and quite hearty, boosting that energy during the mid-afternoon slump. It tastes like a health-ified version of a 7 Layer Bar. Need we say more?!


^ The most perfect way to start a morning: WHOS Granola, yogurt, & coffee

Here’s where you can find WHO’S Gluten Free delicious products in Hoboken and Jersey City right now {but stay tuned for the storefront, opening soon!}

  • City of Saints – Hoboken
  • The Big Straw – JC
  • 9 Bar Cafe – JC
  • Cafe Batata – JC

To learn more about WHOS Gluten Free, check out Steph’s website for more.

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