West of Willow: Wheelhaus Bikegaarten Spinning Studio

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For those living off-the-beaten path {aka west Hoboken}, you should be EXTRA excited about this. The uber-popular Local Barre opened a spinning studio called Wheelhaus Bikegarten in the Monroe Center {720 Monroe} several months back —  and it’s an absolutely beautiful space on the 3rd floor. If you haven’t been to the Monroe Center, you’re missing it and you didn’t even know. It’s starting to be {well, already is} a hub for the art & cultural happenings in Hoboken!




The new space is hardwood, clean, fresh, and a wonderful place to workout with friends or solo {usually I go alone because it’s my “me” time!}. The Local Barre studio is there as well as the Wheelhaus spinning studio, and it truly is the perfect combo = a lean and mean sweatfest variety of dance-inspired barre classes and amped up cardio for cycling junkies.



As far as the spinning studio, when I took a class, I was very impressed. I was thinking about how I hate not having “spinning-specific” shoes, but LOVED the fact that they offer you shoes to use that actually clip into the bikes. Since Local Barre has such a wonderful reputation for being clean and inviting when it comes to workout equipment, Wheelhaus proved to be the same. The shoes are cleaned after each use so there is no chance of any funky-ness happening. You can also purchase your own shoes in their apparel store on-site {or wear sneaks if it’s not your thing}!’

For the class {45 minute Cycle Straight Up}, we did a mix of uphill, sprints, up/downs and other great leg workouts. The bikes have odometers so you can see how fast you’re going {and if you hook up to the screen you can see that too}. The music was on point, and just like their barre classes, it changes with instructors — and they have weekly music and workout themes. I love the change ups, because I’m bored very easily. At the end of the class, I was sweating and the endorphins were pumping.




In addition to the Cycle Straight Up classes {45 minutes of cycling}, they also offer Handle-Barre and Cycle Straight Up: Supercall.

Handle-Barre is for barre enthusiasts who want a hit of cardio. Offering 30 mins of barre and 30 mins of Bike, this barre class is shaken with a shot of cycling to stir things up from beginning to end. Such a great combo.

Cycle Straight Up: Supercall
A dash of strength and stretch in a class full of cardio makes our premium, top shelf version of Cycle Straight Up a well-balanced choice for cyclists. This 60 min class include upper body resistance work that is combined with core focus.



Have you been to Wheelhaus? What did you think?

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