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5 Must-Try Truffle Oil Dishes in Hoboken + Jersey City

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The lovely aroma of truffle oil is unmistakeable, and for those who love it, ordering an item featuring truffle oil make you feel a little extra fancy. The trendy truffle finish transforms nearly everything it touches into something a little more gourmet, from french fries to pizza. In fact, in Italy, there is a rare breed of dog {Lagotto Romagnolo} known for its truffle-hunting abilities. No need to hire a dog though, HG has done the truffle hunting for you, and here are our Truffle Top Hits: 5 must-try truffle dishes in Hoboken + Jersey City.

Off-Menu Parmesan Truffle Fries at Elysian Café {Hoboken}


Yes, you read that correctly. Off menu. You have to know to ask for them {you’re welcome, truffle lovers}. And you definitely should ask for them because they are THAT good. Covered in truffle oil, parmesan, and Italian herbs, but still perfectly crispy, the secret fries at Elysian are a must-try. Next time you’re brunching here, impress your friends by ordering this secret side… and then be prepared to share.

Truffled Mac and Cheese from Del Frisco’s Grille {Hoboken}


Dare we say this is one of the all-time best truffle macs to have ever graced this planet? The noodles are shaped in such a way that makes them the perfect vessel for all of that cheesy, truffled goodness. And the browned breadcrumbs on top are ah-mazing. The portion size of this decadent dish at Del Frisco’s is perfect for sharing or enjoying as a side — perhaps with something a little less decadent.

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Costola Flatbread at Jack’s Cabin {Hoboken}


Picture a short rib grilled cheese {which, by the way, is also amazing here} but in flatbread form… with truffle oil. Sold! This truffle-dressed menu item at Jack’s Cabin is perfection. Braised short rib, fontina, parmesan, truffle oil — what’s there not to love? Grab a friend, a seat at the bar, a few mimosas, and order this. Then savor every bite and thank the Lagotto Romagnolo pups.

Truffle Butter at Battello {JC}

Truffle butter… as in the butter they give you with bread before your meal. It made the list because it is just so sooo delicious. Granted, you really can’t go wrong with anything at Battello, but their butter {a homemade recipe involving truffle, sea salt, and honey} is absolutely heavenly. Is it acceptable to ask for extra butter to go?

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L’Italiana Pie from San Giuseppe {Hoboken}


Featuring butternut squash puree, fontina cheese, coal-roasted crimini mushrooms and yup, you guessed it — truffle oil — this pizza is definitely something new and different. This pie’s a little lighter than many of the other menu options at San Giuseppe, so it’s perfect for date night or girls’ night out. Plus, it’s vegetarian. Truffle Pizza ftw.


So, next time you’re craving truffle, give one {or more!} of the above a try. Tag us on IG when you find your new fave truffle dish @HobokenGirlBlog #HobokenGirl!

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Ohio born and raised (go Bucks!), Jen moved to Hoboken in 2012 and has been in love with the Mile Square ever since. She enjoys how young and lively it is but absolutely adores its old-school, Italian charm that you have to live here awhile to really appreciate. Market researcher by {work}day and foodie by night, Jen loves all things food: cooking, scoping out new restaurants, trying new cooking classes, finding hidden gems for date night or GNO… you name it! She loves advising her friends and followers where to go and what to cook for any type of occasion. {Follow her on Instagram: @EatUpHoboken!} When she’s not working long hours or crafting her next EatUpHoboken post, Jen can be found at home uptown with her fiancé watching SVU, Netflix, or the Food Network, out in Hoboken, JC, or the West Village, or at the barre.