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9 Ways to Celebrate National S’mores Day in Hoboken + NYC

by Jennifer Tripucka
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When we’re talking  sweet tooth, there’s really nothing better than National S’mores Day {besides maybe World Nutella Day}. Marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate — WARM? It’s pretty much an ace in the hole, no matter how you slice it. However, when you’re in a concrete jungle such as NYC {or even Hoboken, at times… Pier A is only SO big}, you’ve got to get creative. That’s where we come in with a few ideas on how to celebrate National S’mores Day …and do a bit of urban campingReally though, it’s a thing.

 So, for starters:

Bring the Great Outdoors Indoors at Birch with the Give Me S’Mores Milkshake {92 River St.}

This is the “glamping” of milkshakes. With toasted marshmallows, cookie crumbles, chocolate ice cream, fresh organic milk, graham crackers, and an ENTIRE {yes, entire} Hershey’s chocolate bar, Birch just brought s’mores to a whole new level.

Get S’mores Cupcakes at Sweet Hoboken {343 Garden Street, Hoboken}


These bad boys are basically a chilled ganache cupcake with a graham cracker crust topped with marshmallow meringue. Like, WHAT?! Ohhhh yes. 

Wander to Magnolia’s Bakery to Taste a S’mores Cupcake or Cake

banana pudding magnolia bakery

Um hi banana pudding. Come to mama.

If you’re in NYC and can stop by Magnolia’s, totes worth the trip. Or you can pick up some of their delicious banana pudding {pictured above} just because you’re there. Oh, and bring us some while you’re at it. Sil vous plait.

Try a S’mores Macaron at Francois Payard Bakery {116 West Houston Street Btwn Thompson & Sullivan, NYC}

Speaking of French, these macarons are will not fail to please. Graham cracker-flavored shells with a marshmallow and chocolate ganache — two go for $6, and up from there. A little fancier and schmancier, with less of the s’mores mess.

Sample a S’mores Crepe at Crepe Guru {315 Washington Street, Hoboken}

A recent dessert crepe order...nutella in tow, of course.

A recent dessert crepe order… nutella in tow, of course.

Just ask for a s’mores crepe — aka nutella + marshmallow wrapped in their delicious crepes! So yum. And made to order, right in front of you. Best crepe place in Hoboken, IMHO!

Eat Frozen S’mores at Dominique Ansel Bakery {189 Spring Street, NYC}

frozen smores


The Frozen S’More, another of Ansel’s ridiculously amazing desserts {tidbit: he also invented the wildly popular cronut}, features a core of gooey marshmallow, a layer of vanilla custard, a layer of chocolate wafers, and an exterior of more marshmallow. Once that happens, it’s frozen for the night, and then torched to create a similar crust to creme brulee. Errrmagerrhhhddd. Yes, that’s real. And it’s $7.

Devour Chocolate Marshmallow Pizza at Max Brenner {841 Broadway, Greenwich Village, NYC}

smores 1

That would be chocolate pizza.

That’s right. Pizza + S’mores. Too good. Urban s’mores done right in this chocolate factory/emporium. So much to eat, you’ll get a stomachache as soon as you walk in. Totally worth it, though.

Have a DIY/Urban Camping/S’mores Party {Any Kitchen}

smores camping

Gather S’mores accessories — aka friends, chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers. And sticks. And a gas stove, for the flames! Good luck with the sticks part; Lynda of Healthy Hoboken Girl literally found these whittled like this while walking on the Steven’s campus — as her amazing luck would have it! Or just buy some thick skewers. And, VOILA! Camping Party = solved.

Bake a S’mores Pie 

smores pie hoboken girl

Our Editor in Chief actually baked this… believe it or not. And it’s even BETTER than it looks… if that is humanly possible! Layers of marshmallows, graham cracker crust, and chocolate. Here’s the recipe.

When in Doubt {or feeling lazy}, have S’more Bakery Deliver {Online Ordering} 

s'more collage3

Custom deliveries from the S’more Bakery in NYC

This is mostly for Manhattanites, but perhaps if you beg {or pay extra}, they’ll deliver to Hoboken. This online s’more delivery service allows you to pick from menu items such as the “S’morgasm,” aka: a bourbon-Madagascar vanilla bean marshmallow sandwiched between two cinnamon sugar + clover honey graham crackers and spread with a layer of Callebaut semisweet chocolate ganache.

Plus, the owner {who writes a blog about sweets}, had this to say about s’mores, which we thought was quite genius:

I feel about s’mores the way I feel about Domino’s Pizza.  If Domino’s can coexist with a Mario Batalli thin crust, wood-fired pizza, why can’t we do the same thing with s’mores? What if, in addition to the s’mores we’ve had as kids, there was a s’more made with handmade graham crackers, flavorful marshmallows, and really decadent chocolate ganache? 

And that, my friends, is a little peek into how you celebrate National S’mores Day. But, you don’t have to take our word for it. How will you be celebrating National S’mores Day?


All the noms.


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