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Top {#Hoboken} Photos of the Week

by Genna
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Most days, our hours revolve around a familiar routine: wake up, work out {depending on motivation level}, get dressed, work hard, and repeat. Our daily habits give us a sense of structure, regardless of what your routine may be, and I for one certainly embrace the value of having repetitive structure – which, to some, is considered extremely monotonous for those who embrace spontaneity.

Don’t get me wrong, surprises are always welcome – except when they cause minor panic in my back-to-back scheduling… KIDDING, kinda – but when something comes along that makes me smile, I like to think that I am always one to welcome random acts of happiness with a warm embrace.

Whether it be a turkey shaped appetizer or a simple box of Insomnia cookies on a crappy day, life’s little unexepected joys illuminate the extraordinary of living beyond our routines – and help us to appreciate the uniqueness of each and every day of the year, no matter how mundane our weeks may feel.

We absolutely ADORE that our Hoboken Girl readers are sharing their own daily joys {via #Hoboken and #HobokenGirl on Instagram} with us – inspiring us all to take a break from our routines – and smiling at life’s little happenings around Hoboken!

*cue insanely impressive IG round-up below

No better way to satisfy hunger than with an adorable Thanksgiving-themed treat.

{we think a little extra effort goes a long way}


– @clokrongly –

If anyone’s ever doubted the beauty of the seasons in the city,

one look at our city-block colorscape would have them re-thinking….


– @123violetx –

Speaking of fall folliage, sometimes just a few steps outside can brighten the day:


– @zorky22 –

The Hoboken view of New York City gives us a whole lot to be thankful for!


– @larissa_brits –

At first glance it’s just chilly-weather trees,

but take a second look at the unexpected shadows that really make this shot worth capturing


– @rosa-gold-shop –

Sometimes, a new angle is all it takes to see the bright side.


– @njkeira –

Another cozy corner boasting its seasonal changes.


– @zorky22 –

After a long week, this sticker speaks the truth.


– @lyzaster –

…all it takes are a few warm Insomnia cookies…


– @jesuisjetlag –

Give us a rainy day, and the bus line reminds us of little duckings – don’t you agree?


– @mariusjbecker –

C’mon, there always has to be atleast one token drool-worthy IG highlight:


– @mannyflmn –

We can seriously appreciate this {desolate} scene compared to the usual non-stop…


– @andreaturchetti –

The space by the entrance of the Hoboken Museum is such a perfect photo op.


– @cdottank –

Look up! See the sunny-side of life – literally.


– @nassydeval –

After a long day/week/month… there’s nothing better than the scenic Hoboken journey home.


– @heidiwynne –

At the end of the day, make sure to stop and smell the r—errr—enjoy the view!


– @l1staples –

Don’t forget to hashtag #HobokenGirl and tag @hobokengirlblog on Instagram {from a public account!} and your picture could be featured in our next Hoboken photo round-up.

Until next week,


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