Top {#Hoboken} Photos of the Week

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In true holiday spirit, we hope that you stuffed your face with deviled eggs and all the chocolate bunnies that your Hoboken heart could dream of this weekend. In the meantime, we’ve been stalking your Instagram accounts and gathering this week’s #Hoboken favorites {NBD}, a pretty productive holiday weekend if we do say so ourselves!

Drumroll please, our top #Hoboken IG photos of the week are…

Delicious coffee is always in season at BWE kafe!

{not so sure about those daffodils though, even though we DO appreciate them for their seasonal scenery}


photo by @dicey_mcsorely

A new definition to the term: “vintage find” …on a Hoboken street corner.


photo by @kellymacfourteen

It’s a pastel paradise.


photo by @maharlika_ma

The history of Hoboken is what brings our little city to life, and these little remnants shed light onto the past, present, and future Hobokeners that will share this same PATH {see what I did there?}


photo by @jakeblank35

Something simple.


photo by @preetij

The right angle makes a {BIG} difference.


photo by @murray2864

Loving this neutral take on our vibrant mile square city:


photo by @andrianaverdi

Don’t forget to hashtag #Hoboken and tag @hobokengirlblog on Instagram, and your artistic eye for beauty could be featured in our next photo round-up!

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Genna moved to Hoboken upon graduating from the University of Tennessee to start her Marketing career at HGTV, and is most currently at The Knot in downtown Manhattan. To Genna, there's nothing better than cheering on UT football, soaking in warm sunny weather on her balcony, and watching starry-skied movies on Pier 13. You may have spotted Genna as a customer associate at Anthropologie ...that is, when she's not doing Hot Yoga or punching bags at CKO! Most days, you can find Genna circling the Mile Square on an early morning run or attempting to justify her shopping habits along Washington Street.