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Top {#Hoboken} Photos of the Week

by Genna
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When the weather is nice, the people of Hoboken react similarly to Kimmy Schmidt and her doomsday cult experiencing sunlight for the first time. We totally understand appreciating this random March warmth, but it’s also crazy to think how many people go into hiding in the winter months — really, how weird does it feel to not wear a big puffy jacket?! Instead of second guessing the absolutely gorgeous springtime sun we’ve been enjoying, we’ve decided to excitingly venture back into outside activities {no more winter blues} and show some love to these fabulous photographers who captured the joyfulness that has energized Hoboken – by more than just a few degrees.


photo by @lisa_g_weasley

You either love it {because it’s beautiful} or hate it {…when your heels get stuck…} but the cobblestone streets are something that our eye can definitely appreciate!


– photo by @devotionyoga –

This yoga shot just screams summer, and we can’t wait to enjoy the outdoors with @devotionyoga.


photo by @ninja_fork

That sunshine though. Soon there will be blooms on the branches!


photo by @sg_uberdawg

The little things that we walk by everyday – but why did we never stop to take this amazing picture…? Thank you for sharing.


photo by @mdocampojr

A simple shot of an incredible structure.


photo by @jilltotaro

Let’s assume this Pilsner Haus pic was staged; but this is a no judgement zone because we’re still impressed with how badly this makes us want a soft pretzel and some brews… #majorprops.


photo by @stevehen

We can’t get enough of those amber skies and skyscrapers peeking through.


photo by @danli_luo

We love the lighting of this boardwalk – the shadows it creates are just INCREDIBLE. Summer, where are you?


photo by @jamemilly

Another waterway picture we couldn’t pass up on sharing this week!


photo by @kewimley

Gorgeous sunset on the water. Nothing better.

Don’t forget to hashtag #Hoboken and tag @hobokengirlblog on Instagram, and your artistic eye for beauty could be featured in our next photo round-up!

Until next week,


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