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A chilly weekend {that’s for sure} – hoping that everyone is staying warm and cozy despite the below freezing temperatures outside! The sun has been shining like it’s a 70 degree day, but anyone that’s been outside – especially those of you who took these winning snapshots – know that the weather outside has been less than welcoming. Here are a few fun photos to keep you busy as you sip on that warm tea and wrap yourself in a furry blanket {tell me I’m not the only one}…

Brrr! This {water} faucet along Washington Street may be an unconventional site to take a picture of, but we are totally impressed by how this sight makes us feel the outside coldness – even from the warmth of inside!


photo by @liatoffer

Another area of Hoboken that’s not {usually} photogenic to the untrained eye – but we love the sun-setting glow this picture captures in this unique day-to-night setting:


photo by @robertprestonart

This dimly-lit picture is like a set in a movie; we adore the natural beauty of our little Hoboken rail station!


photo by @elizabethwestern

One of those unique shots we couldn’t help but feature this week!


photo by @mmoreno73

Just ignore that Fashion Week diet as you step into Hoboken Gourmet Company for the delicious carb-loaded breakfast that follows…


photo by @wangs__world

We couldn’t end without something heart shaped — hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

{and this amazing Nutella/Cannoli cream dessert pizza from Blue Eyes, YUM}


photo by @blueeyeshoboken

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Genna moved to Hoboken upon graduating from the University of Tennessee to start her Marketing career at HGTV, and is most currently at The Knot in downtown Manhattan. To Genna, there's nothing better than cheering on UT football, soaking in warm sunny weather on her balcony, and watching starry-skied movies on Pier 13. You may have spotted Genna as a customer associate at Anthropologie ...that is, when she's not doing Hot Yoga or punching bags at CKO! Most days, you can find Genna circling the Mile Square on an early morning run or attempting to justify her shopping habits along Washington Street.

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