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Top 10 Tips to Transform Your Physique {And Get in the Best Shape of Your Life}

by Kristin
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Getting into the best shape of your life isn’t as simple as just ordering the salad instead of the burger and fries, or by just sticking to vodka clubs when you’re out.  The truth of the matter is that it requires commitment encompassing detailed nutrition and training, as well as consistency and perseverance.  And then giving it time.  Anything worthwhile requires commitment and some level of sacrifice, but in the end, will be worth it.  Through years of counseling clients and competitors, and going through personal transformations time and time again {and then falling off the wagon time and time again}, these top 10 *key* tips are a must for anyone looking to get in the best shape of their lives.  Hopefully they will help you, too.

1. Set goals and create a timeline.

To go in haphazardly without a plan is setting yourself up wrong out of the gate.  Give yourself X amount of time to achieve your goals and reassess weekly or every other week.  If the results aren’t happening, then something must change!

2. Understand that just “eating healthy” is not the answer.

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Transforming your physique takes “healthy” a step further and incorporates elements of nutrient timing, macronutrient balancing, carb cycling {if needed}, and some level of restriction of certain foods in order to work.  But it doesn’t have to be lame – get creative in the kitchen — and no fad diets!

3. Cardio doesn’t have to be boring.

Pick something you like, and plan to do it regularly.  Make it fun!

4. Strength training is not just for guys and it won’t make you bulky.

This is the magic, ladies.  Lift hard or go home!

5. Know that to truly transform your physique requires a combination of 3 things.

Strength training, cardio training and an impeccable nutrition plan. Enough said.

6. Track your progress.

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There’s no way to know if you’re on the road to success, without something quantitative to measure.  Whether it’s strength gains, weight on the scale, or circumference measurements, have something to monitor progress.  But — don’t obsess!

7. How you view the process is up to you.

You can choose to hate the structure of the transformation process, thus, setting yourself up for failure.  Or you can choose to challenge yourself on this journey.  It’s all in your mindset.

8. Plan cheat meals.

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^Let’s face it, eating like this 100% of the time just isn’t realistic.

If you’re 95% on point, you deserve them.

9. If you have to decide between strength or cardio training first, please choose strength. 

Follow it up with 20-30 minutes of low to moderate intensity cardio to maximize fat burning and for active recovery.

10. Be consistent! 

Nothing comes easy, and it’s easy to let your mind quit before your body has a chance to catch up.  Commit to a minimum of 2-3 months and see what you achieve!

Transforming your physique can be a daunting process, but it can also be an opportunity for self-discovery and learning.  You’ll learn how the human body can change — and how nutrition and fitness are the building blocks of health and self-discipline.  Through a combination of nutritional strategy and clean eating, fitness {combining strength training and cardio training}, and a great deal of mental strength, focus and determination, you can be the best version of YOU out there.

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