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Botox for TMJ and Bruxism in Hoboken + Jersey City at Modern Family Dentistry

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Feeling your best, most confident self often involves your appearance — and more specifically, your smile. The dentists at Modern Family Dentistry, located at 551 Jersey Avenue in Jersey City, are local residents committed to providing the community with positive, pain-free dental experiences while also helping everyone look and feel their best. As a new feature at the practice, patients can receive botox injections to help ease pain caused by TMJ dysfunction or for a cosmetic refresh. Keep reading to learn more about the practice + the exclusive offer (hello, free botox consultation) for Hoboken Girl readers.

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Gentle + Positive Dental Care in Jersey City

As a practice, Modern Family Dentistry educates patients on proper hygiene techniques and the impact of diet on oral health. The team of medical professionals use advanced dental equipment in a state-of-the-art office including low radiation digital X-rays, comfortable and easy x-ray taking, computerized pain-free anesthesia, 3D digital tooth scanning, and laser dentistry. At the core of the practice is the preservation of natural tooth structure and prevention of oral disease.

Services at Modern Family Dentistry 

Modern Family Dentistry provides dental care from regular cleaning appointments to consultations for more in-depth procedures for children, adults, and special needs patients in a modern, gentle, and compassionate environment. Modern Family Dentistry also specializes in several cosmetic procedures including Invisalign and teeth whitening treatments to help you look your best every day and on big days, whether it’s a job interview or your wedding. New Botox treatments available at the practice are placed to help ease pain associated with TMJ dysfunction, migraines, and grinding your teeth — or if you just need a facial refresh. Here are a few of the most popular treatments at Modern Family Dentistry in Jersey City:

Botox Treatments

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In May 2022, Dr. Jen announced the introduction of botox to the treatment list provided at Modern Family Dentistry. While she does use botox for cosmetic benefits, botox can be injected into specific areas to relieve pain caused by clenching jaws or grinding teeth in your sleep.

“I am offering botox treatments to patients who want to do any of the classical enhancements that botox offers but also to manage and treat patients that have grinding and clenching,” Dr. Jen told Hoboken Girl. “Injections into the large facial muscles called masseters, which cause grinding and clenching, help reduce the force that causes pain.”

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These treatments have been proven to reduce soreness in the teeth and facial muscles, which patients often experience when they wake up in the morning. Botox injections can also be strategically placed to reduce migraines and pain from clenching.

“I first got into Botox training to treat grinding, clenching, and tension headaches – conditions that affect me personally. I also do Botox for cosmetic treatment in the forehead, glabella (between the eyebrows), around the eyes, and lips as well,” Dr. Jen mentioned. “The product I use is called Xeomin. It’s just like Botox, but at a better price point for patients. Lip and smile fillers are coming soon so stay tuned.”

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Teeth Whitening

Modern Family Dentistry provides one of the most effective whitening systems on the market, designed to penetrate deep into the teeth to reduce stains. The process involves whitening at home with special custom trays for two weeks, followed by an in-office treatment for about an hour. Potential clients can meet with an expert practitioner for a free consultation to discuss a custom plan based on personal time frame, desires, and budget.

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Modern Family Dentistry uses an iTero 5D scanner to digitally scan your teeth with increased accuracy, and Invisalign trays are custom made to fit each patient — which means no molds and no gagging – just a well-fitting aligner and ultimate comfort. The newest orthodontist at Modern Family Dentistry, Dr. Rupali Shah works with both kids and adults. 

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Same-Day Crowns

Modern technology has made particular advances when it comes to crown treatments and about six months ago, Modern Family Dentistry started offering same-day crowns.

“Typically when a tooth needs a crown, an impression with a putty-like material is taken and sent to a lab for a custom porcelain crown. This process takes about two weeks so the patient has a temporary crown during that time,” Dr. Jen said. “With the latest technology, our dentists use advanced technology to design precise crowns with our CAD/CAM system in the office. This is a game changer since the patient can have a finalized crown in one visit.”

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Meet Dr. Marin 

Dr. Jennifer Marin oversees daily operations at Modern Family Dentistry as the owner. She received her bachelor’s degree from New York University in 2005. In 2010, she graduated with her dental degree from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. Working as a Jersey City Dentist and living in the community as a resident enables Dr. Marin to connect with and foster connection within her community.

Meet Dr. Crystal

Dr. Ari Crystal-Ornelas graduated from Williams College in 2005. Growing up in a home where both parents were dentists, he was inspired by their direct contact and personal touch with patients. He received his dental degree from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine in 2009, where he was recognized for outstanding achievement in the department of Orofacial Pain. Dr. Crystal is licensed in Enteral Sedation by the New Jersey Board of Dentistry after completing extensive training at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center. He is now an attending professor and lecturer of sedation at the same program. 

“We met in dental school where he was a year ahead of me. We had a lot of practice working in the same offices together for four years before opening one together. We were able to sort through our work differences elsewhere,” Dr. Marin told Hoboken Girl. “I can’t imagine going through the crazy rough rides of owning a business without his endless support and guidance.”

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Don’t forget, Modern Family Dentistry is offering FREE botox consultation when you mention ‘Hoboken Girl.’

Modern Family Dentistry is located at 551 Jersey Avenue in Jersey City. You can call 201-798-1000 with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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