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A Local Esthetician’s Tips to Transition Your Skincare Routine from Summer to Fall

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Just as we trade our shorts and sunhats for jeans and sweaters, the change of the seasons is a necessary time to transition your skincare routine. Erica Cerpa of Hoboken’s EC Beauty is sharing pro tips in her own words on transitioning your skincare routine from the summer season to the fall and why these routine updates will be beneficial for your skin in the long run. Here are the top active ingredients and professional treatments you should start to incorporate into your self-care routine to keep your skin glowing all year long. 

Erica says that it is a false belief that the sun is good for your skin “I hear clients and friends making statements such as, ‘the sun clears up my acne’ or  ‘the sun gives me a beautiful glow.’  Do not confuse your rosy cheeks as a ‘glow.’ The redness you see is inflammation, which comes along with long-term damage that develops into sunspots (AKA age spots), fine lines, saggy skin, loss of collagen, and hyperpigmentation. Vitamin D is extremely important for calcium absorption; it does nothing to clear up acne. We all love the temporary dewiness and brightness we see on our skin during the summer months, but there is a safer way to get your glow on!” 

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C strengthens, smooths, and protects the skin. It is an antioxidant that protects the skin cells from free radical damage caused by UV exposure while dramatically reducing hyperpigmentation. When you first use Vit C, slowly introduce it to your skincare routine. First, apply it every other day for two weeks, then use it daily. You will experience a slight tingling at first, which is normal, not a negative reaction. It’s best to find a Vit C product that has added ingredients such as Hexylresorcinol, which brightens discolored skin, or Silymarin, which calms redness and inflammation. 15 %- 20% Vit C concentration is key.  Expect to see a difference after 10 weeks.

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Vitamin B

Vitamin B reduces the appearance of discoloration while (keyword – while) improving the skin’s barrier function. It reduces glycation related to skin yellowing and dullness.  At times, the skin gets a yellowing color when a pimple is inflamed and incorrectly extracted or the first sight of pigment development. Vitb3 reduces water loss, which is critical for healthy, brighter skin. Your Vitb3 product should contain Niacinamide, which is important for sensitive skin due to breakouts or eczema due to its calming benefits. You can apply Vitb3 day and night under your moisturizer. You will not feel any sensitivity or reaction. You will love your skin in 5-10 days. 

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Vitamin A

Vitamin A works on both the upper and lower layers of the skin. It prevents sun damage by interrupting the process while it increases cell turn. Vit A clears the complexion, and even out texture while improving discoloration and fine lines. A prescription Vit A can be very irritating and cause skin sensitivity. I suggest starting with Retinol a gentler derivative of Vit A, which can be found in a cream or serum. It comes in concentration strength as low as 0.2-1.0. I recommend starting with a 0.5 and increase when the skin is ready. Look for a product that has a patented delivery system that gives you the results without the sensitivity. Vit A will cause a slight dryness for two weeks. Apply a hyaluronic serum or moisturizer and top of your retinol to maintain moisture in your skin.  Introduce the product to your skin every other night for two weeks then increase to every night. Vit A should only be used in the evening. Using it during the day will increase your skin’s sensitivity due to the sunlight.


It is critical to apply a minimum of SPF 35 daily to protect the skin from UVB & UVA damage.  Even your walks with your dog, a run to grab a coffee or your blue light on your devices can cause aging and breakdown of collagen.

Professional Peel Treatments

Superficial chemical peels are highly effective on all skin tones. You will experience a slight tingling and your skin will flake for 4-5 days, but with the proper moisturizer, this treatment is not noticeable.  No one will know you ever got the treatment. You will receive tons of compliments since it leaves the skin with a beautiful glow due to its exfoliating acids. The peels consist of AHA, Jessner’s blend, and TCA.  Very little downtime and it should be done every 3-4 weeks. AT EC Beauty we incorporate our peels into facials that include extractions. It’s recommended to wait 3-4 weeks in between treatments.

A Med Peel is a retinol peel, it is made of 4% pure retinol for skin that needs rejuvenation. The peel smooths texture and brightens skin tone, which dramatically improves skin. Expect dramatic peeling and sheeting beginning two to three days post-treatment and it could last up to ten days. 

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Deep Peel is a VI-Peel with Precision Plus. This is a personal favorite of all EC Beauty staff because The Deep peel is a powerhouse treatment   It works wonders on hyperpigmentation. It’s painless and your skin shreds like a rattlesnake for 10-12 days. You are in and out of the studio, the treatment is only 15 minutes. Clients rave about this peel! It’s my go-to after the summer months to lift all the sunspots. It contains Hydroquinone and Kojic Acid which target pigmentation and melasma. 

Thermoclear is a skin treatment that uses both low and high radiofrequency. It can treat all skin types. Unlike the peels above that go over the entire face or body area, this is a targeted treatment. It can treats sunspots, age spots, cherry angiomas, and skin tags.  There is no downtime and this treatment is booked in 15 min increments.  You will see immediate results. 

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Microneedling with Radio Frequency is a celebrity skin secret, shhhhhh! This procedure uses microneedles to create “micro” punctures in the skin that in turn promote collagen. It reduces the appearance of acne scars, hyperpigmentation, sunspots, and wrinkles. There is no downtime and the recommended treatment is a series of 6 once a month.  

It’s time to swap out lightweight summer staples for a few richer options. To keep your skin radiant and healthy, and dry skin freakouts far, far away, incorporate these four mentioned active ingredients into your skincare routine. And to make the seasonal shift even more seamless, experience the EC Beauty difference and treat yourself to one of our amazing professional skincare treatments. To book a session with EC Beauty, see here.


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