• 10 Things to Do in Hoboken {Besides the Super Bowl}

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    If you’re somebody who couldn’t care less about who wins this Super Bowl on Sunday, there are plenty of other ways to spend the day — EVEN in Hoboken {which sometimes feels like the mecca of sports bars, especially on game day — like a national holiday}. It is, after all, still a SUNDAY {and a Sunday Funday has *many* definitions}. While we aren’t opposed to the Superbowl and definitely enjoy a good beverage, wing, and hangout with friends — there are many of us that DON’T want to do that. Here are a few ideas of what to do if you’re not into the Super Bowl.


    1. Netflix and Chill

    netflix marathon

    Cliché yes, and this may not work if you only have one {occupied} TV in your house, but really, how often do we get to veg-out and watch your favorite films throughout the day? If you have no idea who  is even playing — or where they are from — take this Sunday to catch up on your favorite movies or watch something you have been dying to see. The options are endless, and you won’t have to deal with seeing game highlights or cheesy commercials on every other channel. We highly recommend a few Netflix shows {including but not limited to: Making a Murderer, Jessica Jones, Bloodline, Narcos, and — old reliable: Law & Order SVU. Here’s a full list of our favorites.

    2. Have a GNI {Girls Night In}

    la femme day spa hoboken girl

    While some of us have friends who are obSESSED with football, there are always our select girlfriends who couldn’t care less about the big game. Round up your closest friends and plan a Girls’ Night In wine, cheese, nail polish, and all. Good conversation and pampering are better for the soul, anyways. Or, you can have a spa night.

    3. Go to the Gym

    bum pilates hoboken

    Everyone is going to be eating their body weight in pizza, wings and chips this Sunday, but that does NOT mean you have to. Hit the gym this Super Bowl Sunday and torch the calories you would have consumed if you went to a party. This is a great alternative whether you are uninterested in the game or don’t mind watching while on the treadmill.

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    4. Grab a Cup of Joe


    If there is one place safe from Super Bowl hype, it’s a coffee shop. Lucky for you, there are dozens of places to sit and enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee in Hoboken to escape the football madness. Stop into City of Saints on Bloomfield and 14th, Black Rail Coffee on Jackson, Choc o Pain downtown, Maroon midtown, or any coffee joint that is your go-to — and enjoy your Sunday like any normal one.

    5. Spring Clean Your Digital Life

    We’re doing a full post on this soon, but truly, it’s not often that an unofficial “holiday” gives you uninterrupted time to delete photos, organize your notes app, and unsubscribe from emails. A few apps and sites to try: Chatbooks {for making your photos into photo books from your phone}, Unroll.me {for deleting subscriptions in mass quantities from your email}, and CLEEN {a way to mass delete photos from your phone}.

    6. Test Out All the Nutella Spots in Hoboken

    nutella pie blue eyes hoboken

    There’s nothing like a delicious lick of Nutella — be it in a pizza crust, dessert, or just a good ol’ spoonful. After all, it IS World Nutella Day on February 5th. Here are a few spots to celebrate World Nutella Day…and trust us, you WON’T be disappointed.

    7. Plan Your Valentine’s Day {or Anti-Valentine’s Day}


    While your guy or girl is shouting at the TV at his friend’s place, take the time {and peace and quiet} to plan your Valentine’s Day date. The day of love is only a week or so away – meaning you have to research, plan, and make reservations.

    7. Go Shopping in Hoboken

    shopping pierre mint market

    While we love shopping locally any day of the week, Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect time to spend a little money burning a hole in your pocket. The shops will be deserted, and there are still some great winter sales going on. In case you haven’t seen it, check out our winter shopping guide to Hoboken.

    8. Explore Jersey City

    Jersey City

    Hoboken may be sports-obsessed, but a fun aspect of Jersey City is that it’s HUGE — and though it has its share of sports bars, there are so many other things to do. A few examples: go to the Hamilton Inn {followed by some shopping on Grove Street where the 2nd Mint Market is + ATM Vintage shop}. You can also try out Orale, which serves great margs and yummy Mexican — or Satis Bistro. That’s just scratching the surface, however, as there are DOZENS of delicious spots to test out and shopping to be had.

    9. Order Delivery/Takeout

    la pizza

    We won’t waste your time with small talk. Get on it.

    10. Do a DIY Project


    We’ve got tons of fun stuff from our in-house DIY blogger, Arielle — and Girl on the Hudson. Whether you want to make DIY cork stoppers or spruce up your bar cart, they’ve got a fun craft for anyone. Visit her blog for more fun projects.

    PS: #12 is totally, drink and be merry {and just don’t look at the TV}…it CAN be done! However, you end up spending the day, enjoy it.

    If you do decide to celebrate, make sure you check out how to plan a Superbowl kickoff party.

    How will you be celebrating the Super Bowl?

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