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An Inside Look at this New Jersey-Based Virtual Therapy Practice

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Openly discussing mental health is something our culture has only recently started to normalize — and we are here for it. There is no shame in asking for help when you need it, whether it’s just for your own life, a relationship, or if you have a teen who could use an extra listening ear. New Jersey-based therapy practice My Couch Online Therapy specializes in treating anxiety, depression, addiction, anger, couples issues, OCD, and ADHD through a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy framework — completely online. Keep reading to learn more about the virtual practice and how to get started.

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Founder Grant Koenig, LCSW

What to Expect in Teletherapy

Sessions at My Couch Online Therapy are centered on helping patients gain insight into + understanding of their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with the goal of achieving and maintaining mental and emotional control. Virtual therapy sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions but with the added convenience of connecting with a therapist from the comfort of your home. Couples, teens, and individuals can schedule appointments with a licensed therapist to help improve mental health and overcome any challenges. 

“My focus is on providing the best care in the most convenient way to allow each person to achieve their goals without disrupting their lives,” founder Grant Koenig shared. “Therapists are trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is a goal-directed treatment style that leads to effective mental health change by understanding the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.”

The goal of each session is to work toward lasting, positive change by building awareness, understanding, and skills to improve your overall mental health.

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The Services

From individuals seeking to improve their own mental health, couples hoping to enhance or heal their relationship, and for teens who could use a boost in navigating life — therapy is for everyone. My Couch Online Therapy is ready and able to guide you toward a more peaceful life where you can show up optimistic + self-confident.

Individual therapy sessions specialize in treating anxiety, depression, addiction, stress management, confidence, and anger management. Sessions are interactive and solution-focused so you can learn skills, build confidence, and achieve your mental health goals in no time.

Couples therapy is emotionally focused on improving relationship satisfaction and conflict resolution between a couple. The ultimate goal for a therapist is to help build a healthy relationship and give couples the tools to resolve issues in their lives. 

Teen therapy provides the safe, judgment-free space that teens need to make sense of the feelings that can overwhelm them. With support from a therapist, they can find the confidence and direction to successfully navigate their impossibly-complex world.

Whatever life situation you’re needing help with, there is a therapist at My Couch Online Therapy who is ready to listen.

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get started

How to Connect

Each client has an initial consultation to discuss what your needs are and why you’re seeking therapy. My Couch Online Therapy will give you a specific link that will connect to your session. The link takes you to a private virtual waiting room. At your scheduled appointment time your therapist will let you into the video call. All sessions are HIPAA compliant, private, and secure and are accessible from any internet accessible device including a smartphone, computer, tablet, or iPad.

My Couch Online Therapy accepts out-of-network benefits with any insurance provider, making each session about $30 – $70 depending on the reimbursement percentage of your specific insurance plan.

Meet The Founder

Grant Koenig, LCSW earned his B.A. in Social Work from Taylor University in 2013 and his Master of Social Work degree from University of Maryland, Baltimore in 2016. He has since worked with Safe Harbor Behavioral Care in Bel Air, MD and most recently with Lukin Center for Psychotherapy located in Hoboken.

Grant specializes in counseling teens + adults struggling with anxiety disorders, addiction, perfectionism, stress management, specific phobias, anger management, depression, and interpersonal conflicts. 

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My Couch Online Therapy is available across New Jersey as an online practice. Call 317-529-2555 or reach out directly to gkoenig@mycouchonlinetherapy.com to schedule an appointment.

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