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We Made RED WINE Hot Chocolate — And Here’s What Happened {+ The Recipe!}

by Tamara
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This week, we’re excited to share a ~tasty~ collaboration with one of Hoboken Girl’s contributors, Tamara Kraus, who also happens to be a fashion and lifestyle blogger over at Tinseled Pink! Here she’s sharing the latest internet {and Pinterest} craze: Red Wine Hot Chocolate. YES. It’s a thing. Here she is to give you the scoop {of cocoa} — sorry, punny — and what she thought:

What if we told you that you can have your wine AND chocolate too? You’re in luck! Today’s the day that your dream comes true because I’m here to give you the deets on the latest craze taking the Internet by storm: Red Wine HOT CHOCOLATE. Prepare to start salivating in 3,2,1…


While I’m down for some spiked egg nog or some delish mulled wine, there’s a new drink in town. From the New York Times to the kitchen queen Martha Stewart, just about everyone can’t stop obsessing over this heavenly holiday drink. I mean, can you blame them? Just look at the way the marshmallows, crushed candy cane {and although you have to *actually* taste it to believe it}, chocolate, and wine perfectly complement each other.



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Here’s what you need to create this masterpiece {This is for a single serve, but if you’re ready to party, you can easily whip up a batch on the stove!}

Golden Door Dispensary
  1. Bottle of your fave red wine
  2. Hot chocolate packets {or if you’re fancy, you can make your own from scratch with chocolate bars}
  3. Toppings {I went for mini marshmallows and crushed candy cane, but you can mix it up}
  4. Get tipsy and warm. Duh.

Now, I’m more of an “eye baller” when it comes to making drinks {or any type of baking}, so I pretty much just followed the hot chocolate packet directions [shoutout to #foolproof Swiss Miss] and just poured some wine in, tasted it, and repeated the process until the wine-to-chocolate ratio was on point. It was literally that easy. In just a few minutes, you’ve got yourself a boozy hot chocolate to sip on allllll night long.

You’re probably thinking: red wine and hot chocolate? DISGUSTING. But as they say, don’t knock it ’til you try it. This is kind of the holiday drink of 2016 according to, well everyone on the web, so you better get on the bandwagon now because there’s not much left time in 2016.




Here’s to making spirits bright all winter long!

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