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The Thursday {3}: Spring Cocktails at Battello, It Works Skinny Wraps at Dina’s, and Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co

by Jennifer Tripucka
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The Thursday Three is here  – with some of HG editor Jen’s favorites from the week. Here they are:

1. Spring Cocktails from Battello



One of our favorite spots on the Newport waterfront in Jersey City, Battello recently debuted their spring cocktail menu and iiiit’s delicious. Besides their normal fruit and veggie cocktail, they have added several spicy and fruity craft cocktails to their menu. Perfect for a “staycation” this weekend in town with a waterfront view!


2. It Works Skinny Wraps at Dina’s Kiss and Makeup

I won’t lie, when I hear about these “Skinny Wraps” I get extremely skeptical, but since a few of my friends had gone to Dina’s {on Newark Street – amazing $30 spray tans, too!}, I decided to give it a shot. At $60 for four wraps, it’s not bad. I’m not the biggest fan of posting my before/afters of things, but I couldn’t BELIEVE the results after one skinny wrap {I know, this sounds sponsored — but I SWEAR it’s not}. TOTALLY SOLD! 

Vepo Clean
The Station Hoboken

skinny wraps it works hoboken girl


Zap Fitness

 Basically, you shower before you do the wrap {because you want to allow its oils and enzymes to soak into clean skin},  put the wrap on for a minimum of 2-3 hours in a “trouble” spot {mine is my stomach, go figure, womp womp}. Wrap the wrap with an ace bandage, plastic wrap, or the It Works outershell to keep it still, and it works its magic {leave it on for a max of 8 hours}. After that, voila! Here’s my before and after from ONE wrap:

it works wraps dinas before and after hoboken girl

The results get better with the more wraps you do {only every 3 days, max}, but of course you can’t be chowing down on beer and pizza daily if you want to keep the results. Totally helping me get wedding ready, that’s for sure. To order, click hereLet us know how it goes!



3. Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co in NYC

chloe's soft serve fruit


After going to a show near Union Square, my date and I stumbled upon Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co. What initially drew me to this place was the fact that is was a frozen yogurt and smoothie/fruit shop, but THEN I discovered that their products were also sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, and fat-free {and chemical free!}. I meaaaaan, do you need more info? I think I’ll stop here. They have flagship Union Square location in NYC, and then can be found around the country at other retail frozen yogurt shops. Here are our orders — and the toppings are all-natural, too! They even have carob chips! Here’s their address.

chloe's soft serve fruit co

Well now that you have this knowledge of where to eat, drink, and get skinny-wrapped this holiday weekend — get on with your day!

Happy Thursday! xoxo


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