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Nocciolata, Truffle Fries, and On Location Tours

by Jennifer Tripucka
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The Thursday Three – did you miss it? While you were busy stuffing yo’ face last Thursday, we were busy doing research for this week’s triple threat. But, it wasn’t hard. Here’s why:

1. Nocciolata

photo 2-5

Can you tell I may or may not have licked the jar and scraped the sides before taking this photo? #oops.

Um, seriously, this stuff makes Nutella look like baby food…especially since Nutella actually isn’t extremely healthy for you ingredient-wise. This is 100% organic {no palm oil or soy lechitin!} tastes amazing {creamy, smooth, chocolately hazlenut}, and goes down like butta. Believe me, it was tough even taking this pic because I struggled to not lick the jar clean beforehand. Two words: SORRY NUTELLA. 


2. Truffle Fries at the Madison

JK Therapy
Snap Fitness JC

photo 3-4

I feel like I write about the Madison’s food every week and I swear they don’t pay me to do so. Buuuuut, you’ve got to try their truffle fries. Mmm mmm good. Especially when you make the bartender pour you a champagne tower. My fave.

Zap Fitness

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 8.39.43 PM

This wasn’t part of the Thursday 3, but I thought it was relevant. Champs is always relevant.

3. On Location Tours

photo 1-5

On Location Tours invited me to take a holiday lights and movie sights bus tour this past Saturday. It started at Columbus Circle, and went to a bunch of mainstream landmarks such as Lincoln Center, the department store windows, as well as showing some movie clips and locations where they were filmed throughout NYC. They also have a Sex and the City NYC tour which sounded fun!

So there you have it… the Thursday 3 — 3 things we’re totally crushing on this week. See you next week?

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