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The Story of Wise Animal Rescue’s Princess {The Shih Tzu}

by Kristina
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Princess’ story is unlike any other Wise Animal Rescue has ever experienced. The rescue was contacted by a local woman who could not care for her two Shih Tzus, one male and one female, any longer. The rescue’s adoption coordinator went out to evaluate the dogs as is standard procedure…and that’s when it got interesting:

While the dogs were loved, they were not being taken care of. Their fur was extremely matted which was clearly causing them discomfort and they were on a poor diet. Fortunately, they both had wonderful personalities that shined through during their evaluations. While petting Princess, the female, the rescue’s adoption coordinator noticed that her teats were enlarged. This is not uncommon in dogs who have not been fixed so she asked if Princess had a litter previously. To the owner’s knowledge, she had not.

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Once Princess was taken in by the rescue, she was immediately brought to the vet and their suspicions were confirmed, Princess was pregnant! She and the male she was living with had mated. Chester was her baby daddy, lolz. The rescue prepared for the birthing of the puppies. Princess gave birth to two healthy, stunning Shih Tzu puppies November 15th. The rescue is happy to report that she and the pups are doing great.

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The puppies’ names are Prince William and Princess Kate {for now}. Since it is best for the puppies to be with their mother for as long as possible, they will all be available for adoption in late January. In the meantime, they are living in a wonderful foster home receiving the best care the rescue can provide. Wise Animal Rescue is currently accepting donations, which can be submitted on their website, to help make sure Princess, William, and Kate get everything they could possibly need. Princess is just 4 years old and is a beautiful, rare gray color. She and her puppies would happily live with dogs, children, and maybe even cats. Princess is only about 10-12 lbs, and her puppies will be a similar size.

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Adoption applications will be accepted starting today. If you are interested in adopting Princess or one of her puppies, contact Kristina at kh@primereg.com on or after that date. To see more adoptable dogs, check out Wise Animal Rescue.

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