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The Hoboken Girl Reddit Info

by Hoboken Girl Team
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If you’re looking for Reddit and Hoboken Girl, you’ve found the right place to support local journalism. We have a small team of locals that cover local topics based on our readers’ interests, local happenings, and more. We’ve compiled a list of Hoboken Girl articles you might need before you head over to Reddit.

At The Hoboken Girl, we deliver breaking news in Hoboken, New Jersey — as well as Jersey City, New Jersey. This isn’t just a game or a meme account for us. We are not one person. We are not a massive company (team of 5 full-time!). We don’t have investors. We’re not just a social media account. 

BUT we are:

  • (one) woman-owned
  • a small team of locals
  • journalists and local writers
  • lovers of all things local in Hoboken + Jersey City
  • a lifestyle media site dedicated to all things happening locally
    your neighbors

hoboken girl reddit

We were started by one person 12 years ago, who had a serious love of Hoboken, New Jersey. And she still lives here, along with a lot of our team. We have freelancers who live all over the Hudson County area. 

A few links to help you out:

Events and News (bookmark this one — it will be your go-to)

Club Pilates 2023
The Station Hoboken

Jersey City News (this is for our JC friends to keep up-to-date)

Real Estate Directory — this is where you can lease, sublet, share your property, and find a new home

Zap Fitness

Our Events Calendar — a free resource for the entire community! Add your event here.

If you ever have any questions or are interested in learning more about our team, please email [email protected].

We’re all ears!

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