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The Hoboken Bride: COLOR AND SPARKLE AND PAPER OH MY! {by Love Letters Studio}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Congratulations all you future brides out there! You’ve said yes to Mr. Right, picked your date, booked your venue – now what? Often times it’s easiest to start envisioning your wedding once you’ve established a color palette. A lot of us have our favorites and know what colors to play up during different seasons. Corinne of Love Letters Studio is here to share with you some tips and trends when making your color palette as well as inspiration for your invitations!


CREATE CONTRAST. Make sure the tones and depths of your colors vary to make highs and lows. This will keep your look interesting and dynamic.

MAKE IT PERSONAL. Is there a color you love or everyone knows you for? Make sure to include anything that’s totally “you”- this is your wedding after all. Just keep the other colors relevant to your theme, location or season.

THROW YOUR RULEBOOK OUT! It’s no longer passé to mix reds with pinks, blacks with browns, neutrals with brights… as long as you mix in a contrasting or neutral color, this mix will keep your palette looking fresh and modern.

STILL STUCK? Stick with the classics. There will always be something timeless and elegant about blacks and whites or silvers and golds. Bonus points for sneaking in you’re favorite pop color ☺


THE NEW NEUTRAL look beyond the leaves.

stationery trends-02

Often times our go-to color palette for the fall season is oranges, reds and browns but I’m seeing A LOT of purple lately – it’s the new neutral! Purple makes your palette seem modern and looks great with your more traditional fall colors, especially orange and my new favorite copper! Mixing a deep purple with brighter colors or a bright purple with simpler neutrals gives you a palette that really pops!

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THE CLASHbuh-bye red with green.

stationery trends-01

Sticking with one color family may seem boring to you, but there’s something so very fabulous about layering different shades of reds and pinks or different shades of greens and blues together. Mix in some sparkle and you have yourself one glamorous party!

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MINT TO BE it’s all about the mint, baby.

stationery trends-03

Crisp, clean and fresh – exactly what comes to mind with the color mint. It looks great with almost every color, but especially wows with corals and golds. With it’s calming tone and clean vibe, it’s a treat to the senses and looks good on all skin types (you’re welcome bridesmaids).

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TAKE ME AWAY summer’s bold escape.

stationery trends-04

Summer weddings are like mini-vacations. Whether or not your wedding is a destination wedding, why not make your guests feel like they’ve traveled to an exotic place? Think Cabo, Morocco, Thailand and the Caribbean for inspiration. Just remember to keep your colors in the same tonal range and focus on no more than 4 main colors to keep your look away from rainbow-status.

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I hope this helps with your wedding inspiration. Congrats again and enjoy all the planning ladies!

Corinne is the founder and creative lead for Love Letters Studio, a custom invitations and paper goods studio based here in Hoboken. Prior to owning her own business, Corinne worked professionally for over 10 years in the fashion and stationery industry as a graphic artist, colorist and creative director. She loves working with couples on making their wedding vision a custom invitation reality! Email her: corinne@lovelettersstudio.com.

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