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The Dogs of Hoboken: Zelda {the Newfoundland}

by Will
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Our next Hoboken dog of the week is a total gentle giant and a total queen. At 130 lbs. she weighs more some Hoboken ladies out there. Meet Zelda the Newfoundland!


^All hail Queen Zelda!

Zelda’s dad Dan was nice enough to meet with us at Columbus park for a photoshoot and interview about his beautiful beast.

“I always knew when I got my first dog that it would be a large breed.” says Dan. “After doing a bunch of research I decided a Newfoundland would be a great fit. I purchased Zelda from a small breeder in Pennsylvania in February 2015 when she was only 10 weeks old.”


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^Ten week old Zelda! Back when she could actually be picked up

“I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. Zelda is extremely affectionate, loyal and loving. She loves to just lounge around the apartment playing with her toys and follow me around. Even though she is quite large (130 lbs+ and still growing) she is well aware of her size and isn’t aggressive at all. Everyone she meets is always surprised of how well behaved she is and how calm her personality is. And trust me, she meets a lot of people.”

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“Zelda is a celebrity wherever she goes. I can’t take her out without someone stopping me to ask if they can say hello. I find it amazing how she caters her behavior differently depending on who she meets. She is great with children and knows she can’t play as rough with the small dogs at the park. She really is a gentle giant!”


Zelda Q & A

Favorite activity?

Going for a walk through Columbus Park. She loves to run around and play with the other dogs but also loves to go up and say hi to people. She is super friendly with anyone she meets.

Favorite dog treat?

Any kind of jerky treat!

Favorite human food?

She loves sweet potatoes!

Happy place?

Laying on her dog bed playing with toys or eating a treat.

Favorite naughty habit?

If you leave a roll of paper towels out on the counter she will destroy them. She has at least 25 rolls to her name.

Scared of?

She hates going in the car. She paces back and forth the whole time and drools all over because she gets nervous.

Obsessed with?

Going to the dog park on 14th street in Hoboken. She goes everyday with her dog walker, Danny.


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