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The Dogs of Hoboken: Thor {the French Bulldog}

by Will
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This week’s Dog of Hoboken is a peculiar — yet smooth — two-year-old Frenchie named Thor. He’s got quite a colorful and unique personality with a wardrobe to match. Thor definitely has a style and swagger all his own!


His dog mom Minyi tells us how she & her husband first met this little bapig:

I’ve always loved bulldogs. Originally I wanted an English Bulldog, but I realized that they were way too big for my husband and I.” says Minyi. “I stumbled across the French bulldog breed through a friend who got one. I had no idea that they existed until she got one. Ever since then I’ve been obsessed! I immediately starting doing tons of research and several months later we excitedly drove over to a breeder to pick out our baby bulldog. We immediately fell in love with Thor out of all of his litter mates. He was the smallest one in the litter, and we loved him for that. Funny story: we witnessed him actually push his litter mates out of the way to get more milk for himself from his mom. Thor even jumped from the floor to the couch! Mind you he was only three months old. My husband and I absolutely loved his spunk and bravery. It was love at first sight!


^Three month old baby Thor!

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“I had no idea what to expect from my Frenchie puppy. I had read that they were energetic and comical so I was expecting a wild little clown. Thor is actually the opposite. Thor is oddly calm for a French bulldog. Ever since he was a puppy he’s always been quiet, smooth and observant. He has his crazy moments occasionally when he’ll play but he tries to act cool and non-chalant. Thor is such a weirdo but in a good way.”


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^Thor even suited up for mom and dad’s big day! {photo cred: Levi Stolove}

“In our two years of having Thor join our family we’ve really grown to love him. He’s more than just a pet to us. He’s a family member. I think the amount of sweaters and shirts we buy him proves that. He’s got more clothes than I do!” says Minyi.


^ Thor has many different looks about him! An impressive wardrobe for a Frenchie, for sure.

Thor Q & A:

Favorite dog treat?

He loves any peanut butter flavored treat but he prefers the real thing: good old fashioned unsalted peanut butter.

Favorite human food?

Crazy for carrots!



^Thor and his bestie Winston and Izzy!

Best dog friend?

His Frenchie friend Izzy! That being said he has lots of dog friends, especially Frenchies. There’s a big French bulldog community in Hoboken amongst owners. Izzy is his best friend but he loves his other French bulldog friends Winston, Dexter, Norman, and Ruby!

Thor’s happy place?

His grandparents’ backyard in Princeton, New Jersey.

Quirkiest habit?

Thor actually goes to check the door when you ask him “Who is it?

Celebrity counterpart?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Just because Thor thinks he’s so macho, smooth, and cool.

Favorite Hoboken Restaurant?

Thor loves to beg for scraps from Onieals pub by Church Square Park. It’s his favorite food place for sure.

Ball dog or stick dog?

Thor is a big ball dog for sure.

Obsessed with?

Himself! Haha! Also obsessed with playing, whether its at the dog park or at home.

What makes Thor special?

Well everyone thinks their dog is special — and they aren’t wrong. He’s special to us because he’s such a calm and good natured French bulldog. I think other people see that in him too. He even makes strangers happy. We’ve had so many people who come up to us to tell us how he made their day, just by being able to pet him.



What a mush! Stay tuned for more Dogs of Hoboken, coming soon 🙂


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