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The Dogs of Hoboken: Piper {the Pomsky}

by Will
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She’s pint sized, she’s pretty! Fifty percent Pomeranian, fifty percent Siberian Husky, one hundred percent girly girl — introducing this week’s Hoboken dog, Piper the Pomsky puppy!


^The Pomsky strikes a pose!

Although Piper has only called Hoboken home for a month or so, she already has quite a fanbase in The Shipyard area where she and her parents Erin and Brian reside. “We originally came across the Pomsky breed online. We’ve never heard of it until this summer. We loved the idea of a friendly Pomeranian mixed with an energetic Husky.” says Brian.

“It’s officially been two months since we’ve bought Piper home. We’re both first time dog owners. No amount of research and reading puppy books can actually prepare you for the real thing! It’s been a learning experience but a fun ride!”


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^Piper and her mom & pop!

“Piper is a total diva. She’s very feisty and strong willed. Super defiant and super smart,” laughs Piper’s mom Erin. “We’re convinced that  she’s the smartest dog in the world. She already knows a handful of commands!”

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Piper Q & A

Favorite dog treat?

Chicken treats!

Favorite human food?

Bananas or pumpkin.

Happy place?

Her crate! After a week of getting her acquainted, its almost impossible to get Piper out of there now!

Celebrity counterpart?

Tom Cruise. In reality she’s much shorter than she thinks she is.

Favorite naughty habit?

Piper seems to think that our legs and feet are nothing more than moving chew toys designed for our enjoyment. Pants have been mercilessly destroyed.

Obsessed with?

Chasing leaves or anything else that blows in the wind. Also eating pretty much anything off the ground!

Scared of?

The landscapers leaf blower definitely stops her in her tracks. We don’t know if it’s the loud noise or if she’s upset that her precious leaves are being blown away!

Favorite toy?

This would be her “baby” toy that sleeps in her crate with her. Before Piper made her way to us, we sent this small plush to her momma and litter mates to play with. This way when she arrived at her strange new surroundings she had a toy with a familiar scent welcoming her. Now she sleeps with it every night!

Best dog friend?

She’s obsessed with having puppy wrestling matches with her pal Kaiser, a 10 pound Mini-Schnauzer puppy that lives in the Shipyard. Their fierce attacks on each other look a lot like puppy hugs.

Favorite activity?

Saying hi to everyone in the neighborhood! She loves all dogs and people. And she absolutely loves all the attention she gets. Piper knows she’s cute and knows how to work it!


Want your dog featured as the next Dog of Hoboken? Email [email protected] with a photo of your pup!

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