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The Dogs of Hoboken: Loki {the English Creme Golden Retriever}

by Will
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On this holiday edition {and Christmas Eve!} of The Dogs of Hoboken we’d like introduce you to a special, handsome, and festive hound. He is fittingly named after the god of mischief and his fleece is white as snow. Meet Loki, the English Creme Golden Retriever!


^Loki is auditioning to be the first dog ever to lead Santa’s sleigh!

Justin and Raphael, Loki’s dads tell us more about this rambunctious boy. “My family always had English Springer Spaniels, but I’ve always wanted an English Crème Golden Retriever. We drove four hours to check out Loki, and the second he ran up to us we knew we had to have him.” says Justin. “Loki can be chill, but can also jump into hyper puppy mode when he sees other dogs or when we start throwing the ball around.”

“Most the time he’s super energetic though. He definitely keeps us active and young,” laughs Raphael. “He’s quite quirky as well. For example, Loki won’t go outside without a toy. He walks around town with Mr. Skunk, Mr. Crocodile, or a tennis ball until he has to do his business. Then he finds his toy and we start walking again.”


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^Loki loves Mr. Crocodile!

“Loki is also Mr. Congeniality, making friends wherever he goes. He’s always getting tons of compliments too since he’s got an exotic look about him since he’s a platinum blonde English Golden Retriever.”

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^Loki and his dog walker Cherish…besties!

His owners weigh in on what makes Loki so special:

Favorite activity?

Any time he gets to spend with his favorite dog walker Cherish. He’s always exhausted afterwards.

Favorite dog treat?

Chicken Buddy Biscuits

Favorite human food?

Loki doesn’t eat a lot of human food, but given the chance, he will devour an ice cream cone in 30 seconds.

Happy place?

Under the Christmas tree, smelling his presents.

Favorite Hoboken joint?

Loki’s favorite bar in Hoboken is Mikie Squared. He’s in love with our favorite manager, Joy.

Celebrity counterpart?

Jude Law because they are both English and handsome.

Favorite naughty habit?

At 9 months we got rid of the kennel and let Loki roam the house. We had to change the rug pretty quickly, because he started chewing the fibers out of the rug.

Scared of?

Loki has an unusual fear of trash cans, which makes morning walks long, but entertaining.

Obsessed with?

Galloping like a wild stallion at the dog park. He just loves being off leash!

Favorite toy?

Mr. Skunk, the squeaky dog toy with no stuffing.

Best dog friend?

Loki loves every dog. The intensity of his happy, crazy outbursts for every single one is equal! Haha!

Funny story?

Actually the story of Loki’s photoshoot for this blog article is pretty hilarious. He was pretty uncooperative. Loki kept trying to eat his Santa hat and his costume. He also kept taunting us by frolicking around the grassy field on Pier A like a gazelle. Luckily you were able to get good shots! Loki is the Norse god of mischief! He definitely honors that name!

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Such a cutie that, like us, is totally ready for the holidays!


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