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The Dogs of Hoboken: Larry {The Pug Puppy}

by Will
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Here to make your Sunday-turned-Monday blues just a little bit better… meet this week’s Hoboken Girl dog of the week, Larry the pug puppy!


Larry’s new mom tells us about her new furry bundle of joy.

I have been wanting a pug for as long as I can remember. Their rolls and expressive faces are irresistible! Being fairly small and not needing too much exercise makes them the perfect apartment dog too.

We found Larry through a dog Instagram account we have followed for years. The account knew the breeder was having puppies, we figured we’d take a chance and see where they were located. It turned out they lived in NYC so we picked up Larry a few short weeks later. We had a choice of him or his brother. Larry was “the chubby one” and we knew we had to have him.


^Larry and his pug parents!

After years and years of wanting a pug named Larry finally getting him was an absolute dream come true. He makes me laugh everyday with his overly expressive face. When walking around town there is no dog or person Larry won’t greet. He is a dog of the town! He makes everyone fall in love with him instantly. Our walks are usually short as we stop constantly for people wanting to pet or take photos of him.


^Larry is used to being in the limelight.

Larry Q & A

Favorite sleeping spot?

The couch near people. Larry always likes to be the center of attention and loves to spread out.

Favorite dog treat?

Blue wilderness duck biscuits!

Favorite human food?

Porkroll! He does live in NJ after all…

Arch Nemesis?

The Swiffer! That thing is up to no good.

Favorite Hoboken restaurant?

Mikie Squared. It’s close to home and has the best brunch in town {and outdoor space for pups}.

Celebrity counterpart?

Larry David! Part of the reason Larry was given his name

Favorite naughty habit?

Eating the carpet or chewing on dryer sheets.

Scared of?

Nothing. Larry is one fearless pup.

Obsessed with?

His stuffed NY Liberty bear. While Larry has no interest in women’s basketball he does love tearing apart this poor teddy bear.

Spirit animal?

A pig! Larry snorts often and is always looking for food, he also loves to roll around at the dog park.



Want to have your dog be featured in the Dogs of Hoboken series? Email [email protected] Will, the photographer behind the series is also creating a book, the Tails of Hoboken — to have your pup photographed for his book, email will: [email protected]

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