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The Dogs of Hoboken: Judge {The Boxer Puppy}

by Will
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Springtime means its officially puppy season in Hoboken! Meet one of the many puppies frolicking around the miles square this spring…Judge the Boxer puppy is the latest Hoboken dog to be featured in our series.


^Judge was such a well behaved pup for our camera!

Judge’s mom Eva tells us all our her squishy faced pup.

“My grandparents first dog was a boxer named Judge. My grandma always said he was her first child, before my aunt, father and three uncles.” says Eva. “I always loved boxers and their energy and was determined to get one and name him Judge Junior, after their dog. We got him from a breeder up in Port Jervis, NY. It took months of convincing, but Matt finally let me get one. He was a birthday present for Matt’s 28th birthday.”

“Judge is full of energy.” says Judge’s dad Matthew. “He is extremely smart, and can be a bit stubborn. He absolutely adores all people, especially pretty girls and children, and loves dogs, especially big ones – he has made friends with a couple German Shepherds.”

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“I’m not sure he realizes how small he still is. He is only a little over three months, so he still has his crazy side where he will literally box with us. He loves to be chased in circles around our bedroom, and will hide between the coffee table and couch when he knows he did something bad like pee on the rug!”


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Judge Q & A

Favorite sleeping spot?

On the couch on top of Matt or me.

Favorite dog treat?

Cloud Star Grain Free Soft and Chewy Buddy Biscuits Dog Treats

Favorite human food?

Peanut butter. That’s all he’s gotten so far, but he loves it.


He doesn’t like doors. I think he gets scared they’re going to hit him in the face. He’s not a huge fan of the rain either.

Favorite Hoboken restaurant?

He LOVES walking by Marty O’Briens. They love him there.

Celebrity counterpart?

Dennis The Menace!

Favorite naughty habit?

Attacking the backs of our legs & feet.

Obsessed with?

Water bottles, treats, his parents, children

Funny and/or scary story?

First time we left him in his cage at night we came home to him barking and poop all over himself and the crate. He was shaking and scared but after cleaning him off and holding him for 30 mins he finally calmed down and fell asleep.


^Judge and his puppy concierge!

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