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The Dogs of Hoboken: Jake {the Puggle}

by Will
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It’s no secret we are big dog fans over here. From the HG mascot, Pierre the Frenchie, to our Adoptable Pet series with Liberty Humane, we just love our furry friends. That’s why we thought it’d be fun to feature some famous/awesome Hoboken pups in our new column: The Dogs of Hoboken.

You may have seen these furry faces around town, but there is more to these four-leggers than just meets the eye– here we’ll share their stories. So, without further ado, in true HG fashion —  our first ever Hoboken Dog is  an eight year old puggle — whose bark is definitely bigger than his bite!


^ Jake, protector of the mutz!


If you’ve ever gotten an Italian hero from M & P Biancamano’s deli on 11th and Washington, chances are you’ve probably been greeted by this sassy, squishy faced pup at one time or another. His name is Jake. He’s an eight year old puggle {pug and beagle mix} and although he may seem ferocious at first, he’s actually harmless & quite adorable.

Jake’s parents, Pietro and Teresa Biancamano, owners of the M & P Biancamano deli for the past 34 years, tell us his story.

jake the puggle


“My husband and I have always loved dogs. Both of us grew up with animals,” says Teresa. “Eight years ago our son rescued Jake as a puppy from a shelter in Ohio. Our son had a lot on his plate at the time with a new baby so we helped him out with Jake. Eventually he became the family pet.”

“Jake thinks he’s such a tough guy, always barking at everyone,” says Pietro, Jake’s dad. “He doesn’t really like big dogs or strangers in his house. He lets them know by being super loud!” Jake’s mom and dad assure everyone that he’s a sweet dog at heart. “Jake really loves people. He’s very social. He’s never bitten anyone or any dog. He just likes to put on a show and try to protect his momma.” says Teresa. “We just spoil him a lot. I think everyone who loves their dog does!”



^Forget long walks on the beach…Jake loves long walks down Hudson!

Jake’s mom filled us in on all of his quirks:

What’s Jake’s favorite dog treat?

He actually hates most dog treats. He spits them right out!

What’s Jake’s favorite human food?

He LOVES chicken!

Who is Jake’s best dog friend?

He doesn’t have too many dogs he gets along with but he absolutely loves his neighbor Mookie the pug. They grew up together as puppies!

What’s his favorite naughty thing to do?

Besides barking lots, Jake loves to take pillows from the couch, push them together, and bury himself beneath them.

Where is Jake’s favorite place to go on his walks?

He loves the waterfront. I think he likes the views.

What is Jake’s happy place?

His favorite place to be is the storefront of our deli. Jake likes to greet all of our regulars and our neighbors that come by. He enjoys observing and loves the fresh air.


^Greeting our camera with a bark!

To meet Jake, make sure to stop by the Italian deli M&P Biancamanos on 11th and Wash. Their mutz is nothing to scoff at, either! Stay tuned for more famous {and adorable} Hoboken pups, coming soon!

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