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The Dogs of Hoboken: Gustavo {the Goldendoodle}

by Will
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This week’s Hoboken Girl dog of the week has more Instagram followers than the average human. Introducing Gustavo, the Goldendoodle! Many of you may know him by his Instagram handle @gustavothedood. This week we learn more about this little furry Instagram celebrity.


^Gustavo just got off the PATH and is trying to hail a cab to Cornerstone Pets!

“Gustavo is smart, perceptive, and nosy.” says Gustavo’s mom Kristen. “When he doesn’t get the attention that he wants, he finds something of importance to you and runs around the apartment with it it so you have to pay attention to him to get it back. He’s also really nosy and has to investigate anything new in the apartment.”

“I originally had no prior knowledge of the Goldendoodle breed. But we met someone on the waterfront with a goldendoodle puppy and thought he was the cutest dog, so we asked her for her breeder’s info and got a dog from the same place. We love that he doesn’t shed.”

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^Gustavo and his parental units!

Gustavo Q & A

Favorite activity?

Playing fetch (even though sometimes he doesn’t give the ball back).

Favorite dog treat?

Any treats that come in his barkbox. He’ll eat mostly anything after a little investigation.

Favorite human food?

Meats and cheeses, he’s a charcuterie kind of pup!

Happy place?

The left side of the couch, preferably with a soft blanket.

Favorite Hoboken restaurant?

The liquor store around the corner from our apartment, Giovanni’s. They give him treats every time we go in so he tries to drag us in every morning (embarrassing!).

Celebrity counterpart?

Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) from Home Alone – he’s adorable, sassy, and mischievous.

Favorite naughty habit?

His bad habit is destructing every toy he gets within minutes. Also if he is in the hallway and any of our neighbors doors open, he runs into their apartments uninvited.

Scared of?

The vacuum cleaner & any really loud noises.

Obsessed with?

His frisbee! He is in love with that thing.

Best dog friend?

Our neighbor’s dog Mack – they play together in the hallway and they have daily lunch walks together.

Funny and/or scary stories?

The first night we had him he was 9 weeks old and slept through the night. At first we thought we lucked out, but then we realized that he was probably buzzed from the champagne we spilled on the floor that night – he got a few licks in before we could pick him up.


^”I’m off to Cornerstone Pets! I’ve gotta beat Hoboken rush hour!”

About Will {the writer/photographer of Hoboken Dogs}:

Will started to photograph dogs around town with the goal of making a photo book entitled Tails of Hoboken {in conjunction with sharing the furry residents’ stories on Hoboken Girl}. His dream is to photograph dogs of Hoboken over the next year and compile those photos into a Hoboken dogs book showcasing all of the amazing dogs in this little town.

will ferman

Says Will,

“I will be shooting over a year. The dog photos will be organized by season (fall, winter, summer and spring). I hope to have the book done by Spring 2017. You can follow my work by following Trusty Tails on Instagram (@trustytails) and searching the hashtag #TailsofHoboken. Won’t you please join me as I embark on this journey? I am asking for help to fund this dream. Anything helps!”

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