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The Dogs of Hoboken: Bruce Wayne {the Golden Retriever, Lab, Poodle Mix}

by Will
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Halloween and costumed Hobokenites, furry and non-furry, are set to take over Hoboken this week. Hence, we thought it’d be perfect to introduce you to Hoboken’s caped crusader. No, not that one! There’s another Hoboken Batman! Meet Bruce Wayne, a three year old Golden Retriever/Lab/Poodle mix.

bruce wayne hoboken girl dog of the week

^Bruce Wayne, Hoboken’s Dark Knight and puppy protector!

Like the comic book character he was named after, Bruce Wayne is heroic, mysterious and started off as an orphan. His adoptive pet parents Rae and Andrew tell us about their furry Batman’s origins.

bruce wayne hoboken girl dog of the week

^This Bruce Wayne has two Alfreds, waiting on him paw and foot!

Before moving to Hoboken my fiancé Andrew and I lived in Columbus Circle in Manhattan.” says Rae. “I really wanted to move to Hoboken because I really wanted a dog and loved the overall dog friendliness of Hoboken. I started researching dogs like crazy. I wanted a Lab or a Golden Retriever, but I wanted to rescue a pup. We moved to Hoboken and within a week of moving there, I stumbled upon a woman who rescues dogs. She had told me she was going to rescue a litter of abandoned Golden Retriever/Lab/Poodle puppies. The woman sent me a picture of a cute little fluff ball, and we knew we had found our new puppy!”

bruce wayne hoboken girl dog of the week

^Puppy Bruce!

“Bruce was in rough shape when we got him. He and his litter mates were abandoned. They were rescued from a 72 hour kill shelter. He had open wounds all over his body and he had bitten off his fur on his paws and tail.” says Rae. “In time we nursed him back to health. He really has grown into a healthy, happy dog!”

bruce wayne hoboken girl dog of the week

 Bruce Q & A

What’s your favorite thing about Bruce?

Bruce is just constantly happy. It’s really amazing to see the progress he’s made from a sick, abandoned pup to a happy, spoiled city dog. He has a really outgoing personality. Bruce loves all people and dogs, even when they don’t love him. I feel as though he knows when a person or dog doesn’t like him and he tries extra hard to win them over!

Why the name Bruce Wayne?

My fiancé has been obsessed with Batman since childhood. We though it would be fitting given that he was an orphan.

Funny story?

Seeing Bruce play in the snow for the first time was pretty hilarious. Like us Bruce prefers the cold to the hot weather. The first time he was introduced to the snow he was running around like a wild horse but was still slightly afraid. He would stick his entire face in the snow and eat as much as he could. We were laughing so hard!

Best dog friend?

My best friend Bridget also has a rescued dog. His name is Oscar. He and Bruce are besties!

Happy place?

His favorite place in the world is the dog park!

Celebrity Counterpart?

Chris Pratt since he’s handsome, goofy, and hilarious.

Favorite naughty habit?

He loves to eat and loves all kinds of food. He doesn’t discriminate. Bruce will eat all of the food off someone’s plate when they aren’t looking. That’s one of his favorite naughty things to do. The other is to steal plastic water bottles from the recycling bin.


Bruce hates Mondays. He really does. He knows mom and dad have to go back to work. But I can’t blame him. Who likes Mondays?

Advice to someone considering rescuing a dog?

I would say do it, of course! Personally for us we got the exact kind of dog we wanted. Many people think that they can’t find a dog that is right for them at a rescue shelter so they opt for a breeder. Some think they will end up with a dog that they are unfamiliar with or can’t care for. Not true, at least for us. There are tons of great dogs waiting for a loving home. You just have to research and look around!

bruce wayne hoboken girl dog of the week



What a cutie he is! Make sure to say hello if you see Bruce around town.

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