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The Dogs of Hoboken: Atticus {the Great Dane}

by Will
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This week’s Hoboken Dog is probably taller than you when he springs up on his hind legs. Presenting Atticus, the Great Dane!


^Atticus looking regal

At 5’3″, Atticus’ mom Jen is dwarfed by her mammoth man. As she tells us she loves his big size. “I grew up with big dogs and I refused to let the city living lifestyle deter me from getting one for myself.

” says Jen. “I got Atticus over a year ago and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect dog for myself. He’s definitely a conversation starter. People are always stopping me to pet him. He’s very visually striking and quite a charmer with the ladies! People always think he’s a dalmatian because of his black and white markings. But Atticus is a Harlequin Great Dane.”


^Atticus in action!

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“Atticus is bell trained. He rings a bell hung on the door to go out to potty. However, he has no concept of preparation for the weather. When you are trying to get your umbrella or gloves, he continues to ring the bell time and time again,” laughs Jen. “Atticus is totally unaware of his size. He always tries to sit on my lap whenever we’re on the couch — he’s such a gentle giant.”

Atticus Q & A


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Favorite activity?

He loves to be chased at the dog park! It’s actually pretty amazing how fast and agile he is for his size. He will romp around any open area.

 You can always find him galloping like a wild horse at the Church Square Park dog park.

Favorite dog treat?

Atticus is so picky with his treats but he loves his Milkbones!

Favorite human food?

He loves egg yolks!

Happy place?

My king sized bed.

Favorite Hoboken joint from which to beg for scraps?

He always thinks we’re going to Cornerstone whenever we pass by. He always begs the staff there for freebies!

Celebrity counterpart?

Chris Hemsworth. Because they are both tall, blue eyed, and handsome.

Obsessed with?

He is obsessed with his dog walker, Cherish.

Favorite toy?

He loves him a good stick!

Best dog friend?

Wolfgang, the other great dane in town, is his bestie!

Favorite naughty habit?

He loves to give “Great Dane Hugs” where he stands up on his back legs and puts his paws on your shoulders.

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^Puppy Atticus! According to his owner Jen he didn’t stay small for very long!

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