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The Dog Files: Things I’ve Learned Owning a Dog | Part II

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Getting a dog is a huge investment, whether you adopt from a shelter or get a dog from a breeder. A while back, I wrote about all of the things that I learned when first owning a dog… and now we’re here to add to the list. HERE GOES:

pierre pier 13 hoboken girl

Me & Pierre at Pier 13.

– The Hoboken Vets are expensive. Vets, in general, are expensive. Who knew that it could cost $75 for a vet to just check your dogs heart beat and make sure he’s pseudo healthy. I actually use the Secaucus Animal hospital {where Pierre was neutered}, but in a pinch I use the Hoboken Animal Infirmary {at 600 Adams}. It’s a walk-in clinic though, so you have to have time. And $$$$$, of course.

– Sometimes you just want to go for a walk, get your business done, and go home. No time to chat with other dog owners. You can totally tell a new dog owner versus a seasoned one, as sometimes we just both give eachother the “eye” as if to signify, “you’re cool—but I’m just in a rush, sorry.”

– If you’re walking and you see a new puppy, you’re way more likely to stop and say hello. Babieeees!!

– Dog owners that don’t give you warning about their obnoxious-on-a-leash dog are kind of obnoxious themselves. Sorry I didn’t know that your dog was going to go totally Kujo the minute we got in a 20 foot radius.

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Vepo Clean

– I really appreciate dog owners that cross the street when they know their dogs are going to be psycho when they come within a few feet of another dog. Thank you.

– As your dog gets older, you get less worried about the crap they eat {as far as things on the floor go}. True story.

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– There is nothing cuter than a dog snuggled up in blankets. Can’t we just stay in bed all day?

pierre hoboken girl snuggling

– Dog walkers cost about $15-$20 per dog per walk. It’s pricey, but a necessary evil. 

– There’s a difference between types of dog walkers — some are great, some are okay, some are downright awful. A few things to look for: flexibility, easy communication, good note-writing about your dog’s business and the time your dog went out, and some picture texts aren’t bad either. 

– It’s hard to break up with your dog walker. Here’s how: Awkwardly ask for your keys back. Let them know you don’t need walks for your dog at lunchtime while you’re at work. Leave them hanging for a while, until you awkwardly run into them at Pier 13. It’s rufffff.

– I used to think Instagram accounts for dogs were ridiculous, but then I got a dog. And I’d rather just annoy dog lovers in my insta feed with annoying pics than all of my contacts. #sorrynotsorry #dogsofinstagram {PS: follow @pierrecasson on IG}

pierre hoboken girl birthday

– Dog birthdays may be celebrated, in moderation. ^^ This was about the extent of Pierre’s birthday celebration– but truthfully, it was kind of sad because he had NO idea it was his birthday and really hated wearing the hat. So we probably won’t be doing that again.

– Dog holiday cards are adorable. And I don’t care if you think they’re cheesy. Pierre’s card from last year:

pierre holiday card

Not sure if we can top that for this year.

– Dressing your dog up for Halloween is totally fun, but… I did it last year and felt like an idiot walking my dog around in his costume…the literal definition of “all dressed up with no place to go.” Sigh. 

– It’s actually really fun to go shopping in Hoboken with your dog — many boutiques allow them! {Full list coming soon…} Hoboken is relatively dog friendly. I wish restaurants were too, but that’s a health code issue so not as easy to skirt around.

– People are still really bad picking up their dog poop. Yeah, YOU. 

– I imagine that when you hear a friend is getting a dog soon it’s similar to the response parents have when they hear someone else is pregnant! YAY!!!!!!  Playdate central, obviously.

– There is no love like dog love and puppy licks. That’s a fact. <3

pierre hoboken girl

Pierre putting up with my for his photoshoot last Christmas. #mybabe


Well that’s about all for now, folks.

Would love to hear your thoughts — what else have you learned while owning a dog in Hoboken?


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