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The Dog Files: Resolutions You Should Make for Your Pet {New Years and Beyond}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Loni of Whiskers & Leo Pet Care is back with another pet-focused post about how to make the New Year great for you and your pet! Although we’re nearing the end of January, it’s a great time to re-focus (because let’s be honest, we’ve probably fallen off the New Year’s bandwagon a bit) and make our lives {and our pets’ lives} better!


Loni’s dog, Valentino


Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? Many of the common resolutions can apply to your pets too…and sharing these experiences with your furry friend can bring you closer together.

1. Watch what you feed your pets (only high quality and age appropriate food), and measure your pet’s food each time, do NOT guess.

2. Try a new activity with your pet — like an agility class or therapy training class. I tried a new agility training class with my dog Valentino and he LOVES it!

3. Schedule a check-up with your veterinarian. Make sure to get your pet’s stool sample checked from time to time. Hoboken has a lot of parasites that get passed around from dog to dog {especially}.

4. Groom your pet daily– just a couple of minutes will help your pet’s coat, and keep your house cleaner!

5. Incorporate more playtime in your day with your pets.  My kitties love catnip toys, and a paper box can keep them entertained for hours!

6. Challenge your pet, by teaching them a new trick!  This is great bonding time between you and your pet, and believe it or not, mental exercise can get your pets tired too!  I just taught Valentino a couple of new tricks like –beg- and –hide ‘n seek- and next will probably be –crawl- and –get your leash!

7. Exercise your pet more!  I’m sure we are all guilty of this, especially in the colder months.  I know I don’t run or bike much outside with Valentino when it’s cold out, so be creative and come up with different outlets for exercise– like scheduling a doggie play date, or you can always call Whiskers and Leo to walk or run your dog, or play with your cat!  

8. Take better care of your pet’s teeth.  Put your pet’s toothbrush in the bathroom as well as a reminder!

9. Take some time to check your pet ID tags, and microchip information and update if needed.

10. This last one is just for you!  Go volunteer at your local animal shelter, Liberty.  They are always looking for caring pet people to walk dogs, or help out in the cattery.

Editor’s note: #11 — CLEAN UP YOUR DOG’S POOP. No excuses.


A little about Loni Rudolph:  Loni has been living in Hoboken since 2002 with her dog Valentino and two cats, Leo and Mya.  She founded Whiskers and Leo Pet Care, a professional dog walking and pet sitting company in 2008, and loves working with animals.  This is her full time job, so her clients know she is all about the pets! You can check out Loni’s website at www.WhiskersAndLeo.com.

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