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The Best Foods to Order for Superbowl Sunday {in Hoboken}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Superbowl Sunday… basically a holiday in Hoboken. To celebrate, we’re telling you NOT to cook, and enjoy some food and drinks — since it’s quite a gluttonous day. Here are a few of our favorite spots to order takeout from {that will leave you sleepy, full, and happy — the perfect football combo}:

Hoboken Hothouse – “Lucky” Pizza Pies for Eagles + Patriots fans

hoboken hothouse

If you’re in need of some luck this Super Bowl Sunday, Hoboken Hothouse has created pies to represent each team in the Super Bowl that they claim will bring good luck to your team. For Eagles fans, order the Philly cheesesteak pie — for Patriots fans, order the bacon meat-lovers. Even better, for each pie they sell this Sunday, $1 will be donated to the charity “Building Homes for Heroes” by the American Legion Post. Order pizza for good luck and donate to charity — it’s a win-win.

Tony Boloney’s – {Any} Pizza

tony baloneys

Tony Boloney’s has an insanely unique menu of pizzas with toppings such as chicken + waffles, french onion soup, tikka masala, and mac + cheese {just to name a few}. Impress your guests with one of these crazy {and delish} pies along with some of their mouth-watering sides {wings, fries with toppings galore, garlic knots, and more}. They also have a catering menu specifically for the Super Bowl that can be found here.

10th and Willow – Buffalo Shrimp


For the pescaterians, 10th and Willow’s buff shrimp is just the ticket to a festive Superbowl Sunday {with buffalo sauce}. The shrimp are dipped in buffalo sauce and slightly breaded {served with bleu cheese and crudité}. You seriously will think you’re eating wings — but better!

Carpe Diem – Wings

wings carpe diem

Here’s a little insider tip: Carpe Diem *used to* give out FREE wings on Sundays, but because it was so popular, they had to retract that {we assume…or else WHYYYYY Carpe, WHY?!}. This uptown hidden gem has won numerous accolades for its deliciously spicy and sweet chicken wings, so you know they’re worth it.

Lisa’s Italian Deli – Meatballs & Mutz

lisas italian deli hoboken superbowl meatballs

It’s a Sunday tradition to grab meatballs and mutz from Lisa’s {and they’re also open on Sundays unlike a lot of other Italian delis which is nice!}. Their meatballs are soooo good {there’s just somethin’ about that tomato sauce}, and you definitely won’t be disappointed in the mozzarella department. Pictured above is their penne vodka with meatballs, which is also quite filling and satisfying.

Grimaldi’s Pizza – Gluten-Free Pizza Pie

grimaldis pizza hoboken gluten free

This pie is one of the best gluten-free crusts ever tasted. It has a fresh, doughy texture which doesn’t crumble — essential for a gluten-free crust. But don’t take our word for it…our resident gluten-free girl agrees!

Pizza Republic – Mac & Cheese

pizza republic mac and cheese

Don’t let the name fool you — Pizza Republic is known for its mac & cheese. This pesto mac and cheese {Pesto, goat cheese, white cheddar & Gorgonzola} is out of this world AND gluten-free. There are so many other flavors including cheeseburger mac and cheese {cheddar, hamburger mixed in-O.M.G.}, The Mac Daddy {meatballs, sausage, cheddar, and homemade sliced crispy onion rings} as well as a million other concoctions.

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Jaret’s Stuffed Cupcakes – Football Cupcake Cake


Jaret’s is one of our favorite sweet shops in Hoboken — those stuffed cupcakes don’t lie. Their Superbowl Sunday cupcake cake is just as cute as it is delicious, so it will be a hit at any Superbowl party.

Drizly – Alcohol Delivery

drizly hoboken girl 3

If you haven’t heard of Drizly, you need to come to Hoboken Girl more often, because we have the scoop. Drizly is an alcohol delivery app {which services Hoboken}, and delivers the alcohol of your choice {that is on their website} to your door. No more quick trips to the store when you run out!

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Graze and Braise – Paleo Wings



For those who are *attempting* to be good and stick to their diets — these are amazing — antibiotic-and hormone-free chicken that is steamed and pan-seared to order. The wings are tossed in spicy tomato coconut oil sauce. YUMMMMM. You won’t even remember that you’re on a “paleo” diet {which is almost virtually impossible on Superbowl Sunday}.

Midtown Philly Steaks – Cheesesteaks

midtown philly cheesesteaks

Forget Philadelphia, Hoboken is the new King of the C’steak. Midtown Philly Steaks definitely delivers — and we promise you won’t be disappointed. Our favorite is their old reliable: a delicious combo of ground beef, American cheese, cheese wiz, and if you want — onions! So so good.


If you’re feeling bloated already eating this, you may want to think about this.

But, don’t forget — Superbowl comes but once a year, and there’s always tomorrow to start a diet!

How will you be celebrating Superbowl Sunday? Happy eating!

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