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The App Girl: 3 Travel Sites That You Must Use {to Plan Your Next Trip}

by Meghan
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We’re so excited to introduce Meghan to you — she is a media and advertising expert with a slew of knowledge about the latest sites and apps that you should download to your phone, STAT. She’ll be sharing them every month in her new column, The App Girl. Without further ado, here’s Meghan:


With the ton of travel sites and apps out there, it’s hard to navigate what is useful and what is…well, not. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite travel sites right now, in hopes to get you ready for your next trip:

1. PureWow


Purewow is a women’s lifestyle website that discusses fashion, beauty, recipes, home, food, travel, body image, tech, arts, books, money and how-tos. This website can easily waste a few hours of the day as you look through the different categories. It’s dedicated to making your life “easier and more glamourous” — all things we can all aspire to! Their travel section highlights some of the most perfect beaches in the world, guides to traveling solo, and making a big trip easier to pack for — because let’s face it, that’s the toughest part of your trip. They have recipes, tips on restaurants, and life hacks — all the essentials. 

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As far as food, prosciutto bites and doughnut chips topped the list of delicious recipes featured on the site {and these caramel chocolate pretzel tarts that are TDF – recipe here}. The site also has book recommendations and restaurant recommendations, which are clutch for not needing to do much research.


Zap Fitness



2. Lonely Planet

This website is a travel lover’s paradise! The front page of the site has a grid of easy-to-navigate tiles — featuring adventure tours, food and drink, travel guides, and a ton of other adventure-based, travel-loving goodies.

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 Peruse the website and stumble upon tours, outdoor activities {for instance — stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, bike tours}, one day tours to the Everglades, Bahamas, and Key West — plus lots of options for shopping and restaurants.



3. Hopper


Finally: an app that helps predict whether to buy airline tickets or not and the times to do it. Traveling can be quite pricey, but with this, you can search within different time frames. To find affordable rates, put in filters for 3 travel days before or after the date. The best feature of this app is that it gives you a detailed report on when to fly and buy.


For example, this summer, I was interested in a long weekend to Paris, however, according to Hopper, if one goes in mid-September to early October,  plane tickets go for $593 {instead of over $1200 during peak summer months}. You can also play around with the origin point of the flight — I tried Boston and Philadelphia, but it looks like NYC is still the cheapest origin point. So many great ways to use this app, and ultimately, it’s a time and money saver!



That’s the latest with new websites and apps to check out. Have an idea? Email Meghan at [email protected]!


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