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Is Stepbrothers 2 Filming in Hoboken? {Getting to the Bottom of It}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Last night, several readers sent emails with a link noting that Stepbrothers 2 was going to be filming in Hudson County. Ummmm, day = made. Not only did we think the hilarious Stepbrothers movie was getting a sequel, we were oh-so-excited that it was going to be FILMING IN HOBOKEN AND THAT THEY NEEDED EXTRAS. EEEEEE!


All the thoughts were running through our heads — {Ex: “OMG. Is Will going to be at Pier 13? Is he going to stay at the W? Does he really drive a Toyota Prius? Will he have to move it during street cleaning hours? How can we be extras? omg. OMG. O-M-G.”} But then we decided that before we share the exciting news with you, we would do some digging, since NewsDaily12, although it sounded like it could be legit, wasn’t exactly News 12 or another reliable local news source.

In the article on this site, it stated that the upcoming film “had released a press release this morning,” sharing the details of the sequel: “The two step brothers have moved to Hoboken, New Jersey where they live together and also work together at the same menial job. Dale finds out that he’s somehow impregnated his ‘girlfriend’ but when the young woman leaves the new baby with Dale and Brennan, the two are left to raise the child themselves.”


But it just felt fishy. Allegedly, according to the article, a casting call for extras in town will begin in a few months. {Side note — that would have been SO cool, what a bummer}.

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After just a little googling and digging, the final answer, however, is “no,” Stepbrothers 2 is NOT filming in Hoboken. According to Snopes.com, this has been circulating the internet for some time in various cities — and is, in fact, false. So to cut it off before it spreads too much we’re doing our best to dispell the rumors before you get too excited. Sorry 🙁 

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PS: Fake news is lame.

But just because we love us some Will Ferrell, here are a few gifs to keep you happy in spite of the news. You’re welcome.






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