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This Hoboken Couple Got Engaged on the Beach at Sunset in St. Lucia

by Samantha Impaglia
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Meet Amanda Longobardi and Christopher Dubelbeiss — a Hoboken couple who got engaged in June 2021. The two met while in college at Monmouth University in 2016 and soon realized that they had a lot in common, including growing up just ten minutes from each other in Bergen County. The pair has lived in the Mile Square for a year and a half now, and loves the city’s easy access to NYC. We had the chance to talk with this couple and get all the details of their upcoming wedding. Read on to learn more about Amanda and Christopher and how their Hoboken love story came to be.

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The Hoboken Girl: When/where did you + your partner meet?

Amanda Longobardi + Christopher Dubelbeiss: We met on campus at Monmouth University in 2016. Christopher sat behind me in class and never spoke a word to me. One day, he just outright asked me to his fraternity’s formal. I thought he was charming and extremely handsome. We soon realized we had very much in common and similar upbringings — growing up 10 minutes from each other in Bergen County. And that was it.

amanda christopher

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HG: How long have you lived in Hoboken? What do you love about it?

AL + CD: We have lived in Hoboken for a year and a half. Chris and I both love NYC, and Hoboken offers easy access in, with a similar city vibe. Being within walking distance to Pier 13, Starbucks, and all the best dining of uptown has assured us it was the best decision we’ve ever made. I (Amanda) also love that there’s dogs everywhere you go.

amanda christopher

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HG: Tell us about your proposal.

AL + CD: We got engaged in June of 2021 on the beach at sunset in St. Lucia. It was a total surprise, as the trip had been canceled six times prior due to Covid. Chris planned the entire trip to a T, not missing any little detail. We were finally able to go, and I didn’t think anything of it — just that it was two years coming. He did it on the sand in front of the ocean at sunset then surprised me with a candlelit beach dinner. We concluded the night with drinks and dancing in total bliss. The best night of our lives.

HG: Where did you decide to take engagement photos? What made you pick that spot?

AL + CD: We picked the Beekman Hotel as the location of our engagement photos. We fell in love with the atrium, and the old Manhattan glamour of the hotel. Everything from the bar room, to the suite, to the staff was just incredible, especially to two people who love the city.

amanda christopher

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HG: Where are you planning to get married?

AL + CD: Soon after we got engaged, we began the planning process and chose the Park Chateau Estate + Gardens (in East Brunswick) as our venue. We instantly fell in love with the elegance of the garden and grounds and Parisian-style architecture.

HG: How big do you plan to have your wedding?

AL + CD: We plan to have a 200-person wedding. We both have Italian families, making small and intimate a little difficult to achieve.

HG: What are you most excited for + what is your favorite part about wedding planning?

AL: My favorite part of wedding planning has been putting together the vision. I have always been largely interested in design and fashion, so bringing everything to life, down to engagement photos, has been so much fun.

CD: I’m most excited about the food and cake tasting at the Park Chateau.

amanda christopher

(Photo credit: Bom Photography)

HG: When was the moment you knew you were meant to marry each other?

AL: The moment I knew I wanted to marry Chris was the first time he met my family. He was thrown into meeting 20 loud Italians at once, and it immediately felt like he had been family forever. Everyone loved him instantly.

CD: The moment I knew I wanted to marry Amanda was when we got our first apartment together. Every day felt like a vacation.

amanda christopher engagement

(Photo credit: Bom Photography)

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HG: What is your favorite quality about your partner?

AL:  My favorite quality about Chris is that he is the most genuine and hardworking person you will ever meet.

CD: My favorite quality about Amanda is how much she cares for me.

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