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Spring Cleaning: Eat Clean {and Be Lean}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Hoboken personal trainer & registered dietitian Kristin Reisinger of Iron Plate Studios is back to teach us all how to “spring clean” our bodies & prep for bikini season {which is basically here}!


At IronPlate Studios, we talk A LOT about clean eating.  We don’t just mean eating healthfully either because we will tell you that you can still gain weight that way.  We mean really cleaning up the diet to lose that top layer of winter fat that leans you out and gives you the body you’re looking for….  the kind of body that makes you feel good in your bikini and the kind of body that warrants that off the shoulder shirt you’ve been dying to wear.  But what does it mean to eat clean?
We tell everyone the difference between “eating well” and “eating to lose weight” is drastically different.  And we mean it.  Because it is. So where do I start?  Jump start your way to Clean Eating by following these simple (but yet dramatic) steps.


1) Get rid of all the processed junk.  
cupcake magnolias hoboken girl
The first order of business is getting rid of all the foods that don’t occur in the world naturally.  If it comes in a box, wrapper or can, get rid of it.  If it has more than a few ingredients listed on the nutrition facts, get rid of it.  If you can’t even pronounce it, get rid of it.  By all means, get rid of it!


2) Eliminate sugar.  
ALL sugar.  Sugar comes in so many varieties and substitutes, and at the end of the day, if you’re serious about weight loss, you want to eliminate most or all of it.  Sucrose, fructose, glucose, lactose, honey, brown sugar, corn syrup, Stevia, sugar alcohols, etc.  By all means, get rid of it!


3) Drink a lot of water daily.  
bobble water

Try bobble water bottles. Great for being on the go and it filters as you drink it!

It’s a proven fact that dehydration works against your metabolism and weight loss efforts, so remember to drink a lot of water daily.  In fact, start your day off first thing in the morning with a glass or two.  It helps to get the metabolism moving, keeps you hydrated and feeling satiated.  Plus, it’s super easy to do.


4) Don’t give up on carbs, but choose wisely and portion them out.
Carbs are not the enemy!  But if your diet is a carb-tastic melange of pizza, breads, rice, muffins and other delights, they very well could be.  Choose wisely – small portions of unrefined, complex carbs such as brown rice, quinoa and yams can help you on a weight loss plan (when paired with lean protein and ample fibrous carbs such as greens, asparagus and other veggies) by fueling workouts, keeping you satiated, not feeling deprived and sparing protein.


5) Limit or cut your drinking.
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Le Sigh.

I know you know this, but we’re saying it again!  Those calories are empty, nutrient deficient and will be stored as fat.  Period.  If you can’t give up completely, try to put a cap on it weekly, and watch the pounds come off.


6) Include lean protein and a fibrous vegetable at every meal.  
Best way to get off the carb addictive ferris wheel is to make most of your meals centered around a lean protein, and a fibrous carb (“vegetable”) such as chicken and broccoli or fish and asparagus.  Lean protein is hard for the body to break down, slows down the digestion process along with the fiber in those veggies, and helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.  This is a good thing when it comes to weight loss!  Get off the carb-centric band wagon, lose weight and feel better!


7) Stop counting calories…  Please! 
We don’t do it, and we don’t expect you to do it.  Counting calories is an antiquated way to try and lose weight and frankly, not the most efficient.  It’s more important and effective to plan your meals around proper macronutrient breakdown (protein, fat and carbs) from “clean” food sources, than it is to stick to 1500 calories of garbage daily.  You’ll go places this way, and not have to do math.


8)  Eat until you aren’t hungry anymore, not until you’re full!  
Eating until you’re busting at the seams is pointless.  It will work against you and could tack on hundreds of unnecessary calories.  Be mindful and eat until you aren’t hungry anymore.  At 3 meals per day and 365 days/year, that’s 1095 meals.  Don’t treat them all like they’re the Last Supper.  Small, frequent meals are better for keeping the metabolism revved and will assist you in getting the body you want.


9) Train! 
Iron Plate's Private Training Studio in the Monroe Center

Iron Plate’s Private Training Studio in the Monroe Center

Nothing helps to lose fat and change your body more secondary to a clean diet than some good ol’ fashioned strength training and cardio.  Get on up!


10) IronPlate Studios Approved Macros:


– Approved Carbs: yams, oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice, fruit, beans and legumes, high fiber cereals (no sugar added)

– Approved Proteins: fish, shellfish, chicken, turkey, eggs/egg whites, lean red meat, protein supplements such as shakes and protein powders

– Approved Fats: avocado, olive oil, fish oil, flax oil, salmon, nuts

PS: One more tip—plan your meals…there’s nothing worse than getting stuck without a snack or meal and having to order or buy something unhealthy. And of course: call/email IronPlate Studios if you need more help!

IronPlate Studios houses two elite private training studios at the Monroe Center in Hoboken, NJ. We specialize in strength training + nutrition, and offer packages for personal training (1:1 and small group), wedding preparation, pre- and post-natal, training for men and nutritional programs all catering to your needs.  At IronPlate, the studio specializes in personal training, sports nutrition, weight loss, meal planning, bridal transformation, pre- and post-natal, training for men and more.  Email info@ironplatestudios.com, call 201-362-4376 for more information or visit us at: www.ironplatestudios.com

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