How The Spine + Sports Health Center is Treating ‘Quarantine Pain’

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With COVID-19 still in full force and everyone still quarantining and many working from home, a lot of people are experiencing new back and/or neck pain, or an old injury flaring up again. The Spine + Sports Health Center has seen many new patients dealing with this pain that they’ve never experienced before. The Spine + Sports Health Center has seen an uptick in this “quarantine pain” since the beginning of the pandemic and the good news is that the center has the tools to help these patients feel better — from sitting around extra to chasing around kids in the house. With three locations in Hoboken, Jersey City, and Bayonne, The Spine and Sports Center is a medical practice that offers a myriad of treatments from pain management to physical therapy, chiropractic, sports medicine, and massage therapy.

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Non-Surgical Treatment of Spine + Joint Pain

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The Spine and Sports Health Center is a unique place in the Mile Square {+ JC and Bayonne!} as its’ a medical practice specializing in the non-surgical treatment of spine and joint pain. Its board-certified medical doctors provide individualized treatment plans for patients of all shapes and sizes, from young children all the way to professional athletes. Through the use of interventional pain management, sports medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy, they are able to provide targeted relief for patients experiencing pain due to neck and back conditions or injuries, sciatica, sports injuries, headaches, nerve damage, herniated or bulging discs, and much more.

There are three locations in Hudson County:

  • 720 Monroe Street, Suite C208 Hoboken
  • 121 Newark Avenue, Suite 300 Jersey City
  • 764 Broadway, Bayonne

3 Step Approach

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The philosophy at The Spine + Sports Health Center is a three-step approach:

Step One — a physician consultation, in which the doctors take the time to understand the patients’ pain, listening and focusing on what matters most to the patient.

Step Two — a diagnosis, in which the team uses the latest diagnostic technology {and good old-fashioned listening and observation} to develop an accurate diagnosis.

Step Three — developing a personalized treatment plan combining the most effective and least invasive options to fit the needs of the patient, without the risks or complications of surgery. For each patient, the goal is to help them get the relief they need, so they can live the life they want.

Treating “Quarantine Pain”

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The specialists at The Spine + Sports Health Center offer a wide range of advanced therapies and treatments designed to help their patients get lasting relief. After working closely with you to determine the best course of action for your needs, the board-certified physicians will create a comprehensive, customized treatment plan.

The back and neck specialists provide the following treatment options:

COVID-19 Precautions

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The Spine + Sports Health Center has remained incredibly diligent and committed to keeping the environment safe for those who need to see a doctor in these times. From the beginning, the center has focused on adopting safety measures designed to keep both their staff and patients healthy and make sure everyone feels comfortable receiving care in an environment that is safe. For more information on precautions, this page has updates.

Get In Touch

With three locations in Hoboken, Jersey City, and Bayonne, The Spine + Sports Health Center is easily accessible. Visit their website for more information about treatments, call 201-535-2474 to schedule an appointment, and follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay in the loop.


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