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So a Girl Walks into a Barre… {Local Barre Taste Makers Event}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Emily {a new HobokenGirl contributor} weighs in about the Tastemaker’s Event at Local Barre last week:

When I was asked to attend Local Barre’s Taste Makers event last week, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Naturally this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do some barre – a controlled, less intimidating environment and perhaps a slower pace? Sign me up! I had been wanting to try a barre class for the longest time, yet couldn’t get up enough nerve to just to go. Naturally this seemed like the perfect opportunity – a more controlled, less intimidating environment and perhaps a slower pace? Sign me up! But then I looked down at my foot and how I could forget about the cast – the huge, suffocating cast that has morphed with my right leg for the past two weeks. So…does that mean no barre??


Watching ain't easy.

Watching ain’t easy.

Yup, you guessed it. Though I was pretty disappointed, the lovely ladies at Local Barre allowed me to park as close as I could get to watch all of the action. To be honest, this was probably the best way to ease myself in as I really had no idea what a barre class entailed.

The instructor of the night was Amber, who was so very sweet…until the music turned on. Amber is tough, but in a way that makes you want to work harder and push yourself. The girls worked their legs, cores, arms – you name it, it was hurting the next day. The class ended with a refreshing stretch session, which seems like the perfect way to unwind after such a non-stop class.

As if the class wasn’t enough of a treat, the LB ladies invited us to stick around for some cocktails and treats. While I would have gladly accepted a flute full of champs, we were treated to trendy Luli Tonix blended juices. So delicious and a great post-work out treat!


Across the room was something a bit more sweet, which is why I had to pause on the juices and head that way. I think I am obsessed with the pitcher and straws. I didn’t want to take any samples  because the layout was too pretty to touch. But rest assured, I dug right in.

Overall, it was such a great and unique night out. I am literally counting down the days til I can walk again – 7 days! – because I will quickly thereafter be signing up for my first class!

To celebrate LB’s 4th anniversary, they are offering two amazing deals for the month of April:

  • 3 class pack for $50

  • one unlimited week for $50

You can purchase the deals here: http://bit.ly/1p3ZS1q – hurry and purchase before May rolls around! For more info on Local Barre, click here!

Have you taken a Local Barre class? What did you think?


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