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Slice is Hosting a FREE Pizza Party in Hoboken on 8/11

by Ainsley Layland
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Economic difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have made shopping small and local businesses more important now than ever. Thanks to the Slice app, you can have your pick of locally-operated pizza shops near you all with one click. This means you can spend less time browsing and more time eating the best pizza in Hudson County. Keep reading to read more about the Slice app, the upcoming pizza party at Hot House, and the exclusive offer for Hoboken Girl readers.

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The App for Pizza-Lovers

The CEO of Slice, Ilir Sela, comes from three generations of pizzeria owners, so he was well-versed in the struggles of small shop owners when he founded the company. His aim was to solve the digital challenges of his family’s New York City pizzerias by streamlining digital access to small-owned pizza shops. Slice allows pizza lovers to order pizza from their favorite local shop and bypass all the browsing that often includes large chain restaurants. DOWNLOAD SLICE NOW AND USE CODE HOBOKEN FOR $10 OFF.

The mission is to keep local restaurants thriving by connecting customers with shops in an effortless digital platform. Think of it like any other delivery app, but just for high-quality pizza sourced from locally-owned businesses.


The great thing about Slice is you can order whatever you’re craving. From hot pizza by the slice, to spicy wings and fresh salad, the app helps you find delicious local food near you. With options for every pizza lover, from classic pepperoni to custom pies with your favorite toppings, Slice makes it easy to order fresh, hot, and delicious pizza in your area. Support your local pizza shops, because local pizza is better pizza no matter if it’s thin crust, deep dish, no cheese, or extra sauce.

Customers can rest easy with contact-free delivery or take advantage of the curbside pickup, for the quickest and most convenient way to get dinner on the table. 


Slice aims to support small businesses so the company has opted out of eating into the restaurant revenue which keeps more of your money local. Owners get tools that help them become smarter and more efficient, enabling them to make the best lives for themselves and the best pizza imaginable. And pizza lovers get access to endless varieties of local pizza, all with a single click.

Slice Offers United Network to Local Pizzerias

Slice gives pizzerias the specialized technology, data insights, loyalty marketing, and shared services these independents need to serve customers. This united network of pizzerias enables it to compete against major corporate chains as the nation’s largest marketplace for authentic pizza. Slice makes it easy for customers to order from its go-to shop and discover new favorites on the Slice app and website. DOWNLOAD SLICE NOW AND USE CODE HOBOKEN FOR $10 OFF.

“The best part of running Slice is helping local businesses to succeed,” the CEO of Slice, Ilir Sela, told Hoboken Girl. “The goal has always been to support independent pizzerias by getting their delicious food into the hands (and mouths) of pizza-lovers in the community.”

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The Greater New York Area is well-known for its pizza, both for quality and unique style. Hudson County pizza is right there too.

“Hudson County is a hub for some of the best pizza in the country,” Ilir said. “We’ve taken all of the best options and put them into one app. We want businesses in the community to continue developing, so we charge way less than other apps.”

On Wednesday, August 11th the community is invited to gather at Hot House, located at 606 2nd Street in Hoboken to enjoy FREE PIZZA! Slice will host from 4PM to 7PM. Until then you can use code HOBOKEN to get $10 OFF your first order on Slice.

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You can download the app or CLICK HERE to find out which pizzerias in Hoboken, Jersey City, and the greater Hudson County area are on Slice. DOWNLOAD SLICE NOW AND USE CODE HOBOKEN FOR $10 OFF.


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