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Where Can I Shop Locally for NJ-Made Gifts?

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Everyone has those burning questions that can only be answered by a local. Enter: The Hoboken Girl Insiders Facebook Group. Whether you need to find a seamstress ASAP or want to start a “Wine and Dine” group with like-minded foodies, the HG Insiders are here to help. Join here to become a part of the never-ending fun.

In the meantime, here are some reader tips on where to shop locally for a New Jersey-themed housewarming party:

“I am putting together a housewarming gift for friends that just bought a house in Jersey. I am trying to use items that are local to Jersey to fill it. So far I have Outer Limits hot sauce that is made in Bayonne and the Homesick NJ candle (not made here but on theme). Let me know if you know of any local brands. Thanks in advance!” ~ Seana L.


Hometown Hello

“Hometown Hello”  Hoboken Girl Team

What better way to welcome new Hoboken homeowners than with customized Hoboken coasters. These wooden decor pieces add an earthy vibe to any room, while also representing the neighborhood. They are custom made, so check out the Etsy shop to purchase.

Hoboken Farms Sauce at Shoprite {900 Madison Ave}

“Hoboken Farms sauce would be cute!” — Yasemin Eriskin

Marinara sauce courtesy of Hoboken Farms treats new residents to a delightful pasta meal {for the inevitable spaghetti night} while also supporting a local business, whose founders lived in Hoboken. Choose one of their four sauces {marinara, low sodium marinara, basil marinara, and vodka} for the ultimate penne party. 

Hudson Paperie {312 Washington Street}

{Photo credit: @hudsonpaperie}

“Hudson [Paperie] has a lot of nice stuff from locals.” — Kathleen O’Mara

Invite friends and family to your housewarming party with custom invitations from Hudson Paperie, or congratulate a friend on their newly minted Hoboken residency with some elegant stationery.

Beach Badge Vodka at Carpe Diem {1405 Grand Street}

{Photo credit: @njbeachbadgevodka}

“Beach Badge Vodka!” — Jackie Curran

It’s not a house party without alcohol — so rather than grabbing the cheapest bottle at the liquor store, support a local business while also buying a classic NJ-made brand. The Beach Badge Vodka distillery is located in Freehold, but Carpe Diem sells bottles right here in Hoboken.

Fiore’s {414 Adams Street}

“Fiore’s mutz” — Theresa Riley

Host a Make-Your-Own Pizza Party to christen your new NJ kitchen, but don’t forget the fresh mozzarella from Fiore’s Deli. Over the last century, Fiore’s has been perfecting its mutz recipe. Today, it’s the only fresh mozzarella for Hobokenites— just don’t put it in the fridge. You can also pick up a variety of their delicious sandwiches, especially the roast beef + mutz, found only on Thursdays and Saturdays.

The Washington General Store {509 Washington Street}

washington general nj card

{Photo credit: @washingtongeneral}

“The Washington General Store” — Hoboken Girl Team 

The Washington General Store is a great local spot for an NJ-themed card + other unique items that would make a personalized + fun housewarming gift.

Jersey City

Corgi Spirits Distillery {1 Distillery Drive}

{Photo courtesy of @corgispirits}

“Something from Corgi Spirits, perhaps?” — Maria Fabæch Moesby

Dublin has Guinness, Amsterdam has Heineken, and Jersey City has Corgi Spirits. Introduce yourself to the area by going on a tour of the JC distillery, or gift a bottle to your new neighbor. 

Oh Honey Apiaries 

{Photo courtesy of @oh_honey_apiaries}

“Oh Honey Apiary has local honey” — Patrick McCann

Pour some local honey in your cup of tea with Jersey City’s own liquid gold from Oh Honey Apiaries. Buy a jar online here and receive free delivery for purchases of three or more large jars.

Where are your favorite places to shop locally or get a New Jersey-made gift?

Let us know in the comments!

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