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10 Safe + Fun Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Virtually

by Erica Commisso
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As most of this year has looked a little different because of the pandemic, we are all looking for ways to celebrate the holidays while staying safe. New Year’s Eve is regularly a time for gathering with your friends and celebrating the year with an intimate gathering or out at a bar or restaurant. But, keeping safety in mind, we will have to celebrate in a new way this year for the most part. To help you out, here are some ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve virtually while staying safe:

virtual ways celebrate new years eve

Host a Zoom Countdown With Friends

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean celebrating alone. Gather your closest friends for a Zoom call and swap stories, have a few laughs and hold the countdown together. Everyone can dress up and share their favorite memory of the year, their New Years Resolutions, and get excited while you wait for 2020 to officially end. To really impress the Zoom invitees, get out your best clothes, pull out the champagne flutes, and decorate the house. You can even put on some fun music, hire an online DJ, dance, and have your own virtual party!

Plan a Socially-Distanced Scavenger Hunt

Set up clues around your town–ones that are weather, people, and animal friendly–and send your friends and loved ones on a virtual scavenger hunt, asking them to take photos of the clues and answers along the way. The winner can receive a virtual prize, bragging rights, or whatever your group chooses. It’s a fun way to feel like you’re together without risking your safety.

Watch Live Streams of Foreign Countdowns

safe virtual ways celebrate new years eve

Midnight is not the same everywhere, so the new year begins at different times all around the world. Check out some of the customs and events in some of your favorite global cities, like London, Sydney, and Prague, and count down to 2021 many times over with people all around the world.
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Host a Themed Board Game Night

virtual ways celebrate new years eve

This can be done virtually or with the people in your socially distant circle. Pick a theme, get out the games, and get your competition on! Live bingo cards–where people scratch things off based on TV shows or events–can be a fun way to keep people on their toes, and you can never go wrong with a good game of Monopoly or Clue. You can even ask people to assume characters based on the theme.

Have a Roommate or Family Potluck

Everyone can be responsible for cooking a dish from their favorite foreign country, or their favorite food, or a new dish they want to try. The possibilities are endless, and it gives people living together to try new things while learning about cuisine and about each other.

Camp or Stargaze in Your Backyard

If you have some outdoor space, a quiet New Years’ Eve is a great way to reconnect with nature and spend some time at peace. Set up a designated space in your backyard, enjoy the night and the bright stars while dreaming about what 2021 can bring.

Explore the City and History

On the last day of 2020, exploring the city you live in might be a fun way to say goodbye to the year. Explore the history of things and events that happened in Hoboken, Jersey City, and beyond way, before the pandemic began, and learn a little bit about the cool people who lived in Hudson County, who visited the area, and even how it was founded. Or, you could head into New York City and explore the history of a borough or neighborhood.

Have an Arts + Crafts Night

virtual ways celebrate new years eve

Make some crafts with your roommates or with friends virtually to get your creative juices flowing. You can make a 2020 scrapbook, {positive memories only!}. and hand-paint ornaments, create canvases, or even bake. The possibilities are endless, and making something for yourself can be a fun and positive way to cap off the year on a high note.

Have a Movie Marathon, Where the Last Movie Ends at 11:59

Everyone has those days, binging a classic or longtime favorite in your pajamas. Set up some snacks, get out the hot apple cider, and settle into your favorite chair or spot on the couch. Go through years of stories in the course of a day, and ending the movies at 11:59 means you have just enough time for the final countdown.

Attend a Virtual Event

All around the world, bars, and restaurants are still bringing people together with live music, trivia nights, and more so that the sense of togetherness and celebration stays alive and swinging. Attend a Hoboken event, one in New York City, or even bar-hop around the world by partaking in some virtual events to celebrate the holiday. An added bonus: any ticket sales {if applicable} help to keep the bar, restaurant, or entertainment industry alive.
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