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3 Romantic Hoboken Proposals {Jules + Colin, Kelly + Doug, Lauren + Bill}

by Hoboken Girl Team
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It’s no big secret that the Hoboken waterfront is magical. But it becomes all the more so when you’re sharing a huge moment with the love of our life. Today, we’re bringing you three oh-so romantic proposal stories from three different waterfront locations in Hoboken. Get ready to take a hit right in the feels, because these stories will totally make you swoon.

Jules + Colin

^Engagement photos by Andrew Todes in Hoboken

“My fiancé proposed to me in Hoboken on Pier A, which was where we had our first date. Hoboken has always been such a big part of my fiancé {Colin} and my relationship. I had just moved to Hoboken a month before I met him {and we’re still here five years later!}. We met at Leggett’s in Manasquan in the summer of 2012, but our first date was a “Movie Under the Stars” {Toy Story 3} on Pier A in Hoboken shortly after.

Colin was away for work the week of our proposal and he made a special reservation for us for dinner at Augustino’s the Saturday night he got home. I assumed the reservation was to catch up from his week away so I didn’t think anything of it. He suggested we get a drink on the water before dinner, which turned into a walk on Pier A. Shortly into our walk, Colin looked at me and said, “Do you remember our first date here?” and got down on one knee. I remember nothing after that and began crying immediately. All the bystanders at the park began to cheer, which I still remember to this day!

The Station Hoboken
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photo creds: @jmalley11 and @col_john

Golden Door Dispensary

Naturally, everyone at Augustino’s made us feel like family and it was so nice to have people so genuinely happy for us! We met up with a few friends at Sorrelina’s before seeing our families the next day for a celebration.” ~ Jules

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Kelly + Doug

“My new fiancé and I just got engaged in Hoboken on April 22, 2017! We met in Hoboken on my 24th birthday {January 10, 2014} at none other than Mills Tavern. Three years later, on a rainy Saturday evening in Hoboken, Doug got down on one knee at the end of the Hoboken waterfront pier and asked me to spend forever with him.

Doug and I had plans to go meet his friends for dinner at Del Frisco’s by the water {or so I thought} and before dinner we were going to stroll down by the waterfront and put a love lock down by the pier. I have been asking Doug since we met in Hoboken to do a love lock with me {and coincidentally enough, Hoboken Girl had posted a picture about the love locks the week we decided to do it}.

photo creds: @kellyann2222 and @dougiecapps

So, we go down to the pier, and much to my surprise, all the hundreds of love locks that we had seen since we moved to Hoboken were gone! I stood there with what I thought was our lock in my hand, puzzled. I saw this one lonely red lock on the fence and pointed it out to Doug, and as I am pointing to the lock I start to read it, “Doug and Kelly Love Locked Engaged April 2017.” I couldn’t really tell you what happened next because I think I blacked out, but all I remember was Doug kneeling and asking me to marry him.” ~ Kelly

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Lauren + Bill

“On Saturday, April 29, 2017 my boyfriend of three years, Bill, surprised me with a beautiful proposal at Pier C Park in Hoboken. Bill and I were walking from our apartment, in midtown Hoboken, to the W to meet one of his friends from Boston that he hadn’t seen in years. We had an out of town wedding the night before, so using the “friend who is never around” excuse as the decoy worked perfectly to get me there.

It was a gorgeous day, so we walked along the water and then Bill stopped and started asking me questions about the buildings across from us. I was slightly confused because we were running late, but then out of nowhere he said, “You know I love you, right? You know I want to spend the rest of my life with you, right?” as he reached into his pocket to pull out one of the most beautiful rings I’ve ever seen. Before I knew it he was on one knee in front of me asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. After I was able to rip my sunglasses off, stop saying “OMG!” and catch my breath, I was able to say yes! I was COMPLETELY surprised and it was honestly one of the happiest moments of my life. The park was crowded, so I didn’t see one of his best friends taking pictures behind a bunch of little kids who were screaming and clapping congratulations.

photo creds: @laurenkjade and @b_masturzo

After the proposal, Bill quickly whisked me away, apologizing that due to schedules he couldn’t get our friends and family together, but we’d celebrate with champagne and FaceTiming all of our loved ones from the Ainsworth. I felt a slight sense of disappointment as I wish my family could have been there, but I was still over the moon and didn’t even really have time to process everything.  Within minutes we were walking into the back of Ainsworth where both of our families and friends were there to yell, “Surprise!” I instantly started crying – my incredible fiancé managed to surprise me two times within 15 minutes. It will forever be one of my favorite memories, celebrating with all of my loved ones — I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so much in my life! He did an incredible job and I’ll forever be grateful for all of the little details he managed to plan all by himself. He’s truly one of a kind.

PS – I even bought the skirt I was wearing that day from Hoboken’s local boutique, Town House.” ~ Lauren


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