• Rock My World: A Must-Visit Crystals Shop in North Bergen

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    As Spencer Pratt once said, crystals are ____ {just kidding, no idea what he said, just wanted an excuse to use this meme}.

    All jokes aside, tucked away in a small, unassuming shopping center at 9100 Tonnelle Avenue in North Bergen, Rock My World is a crystal haven known only to the rock and energy-savvy. It’s the ultimate hidden gem {punny, mean it} tucked away in northern Hudson County, and if you didn’t know, now you know and must get there STAT. Here’s more about Rock My World, a crystals shop located in Hudson County.

    rock my world north bergen crystals

    Once inside, the shop feels like a total juxtaposition of Tonnelle Avenue, which is a traffic-filled, congested area at times {if you’ve ever driven on Route 3 and tried to get to Jersey City from that area of course you already know this}. But take a glance inside the shop and inhale the palo santo, and you’ll be singing a very different spiritual tune.

    rock my world crystals shop north bergen hudson county

    On the Rock My World website, husband and wife owners Chris and Adriana Petroselli explain that they “seek to inspire, guide, and motivate people to live a more balanced life connected to their own inner voice and intuition through the use of crystals, yoga, meditation, and an overall holistic lifestyle.”

    And at Rock My World, that aura rings true; you’re taken immediately from the urban chaos to a calming, zen environment. Crystals the size of small pebbles all the way to the size of a small child {SRSLY, one is 3 feet tall} are all over the place, from floor to ceiling, with baskets of sage, pendulums, and more adorning the walls on the opposite ends.

    rock my world crystals shop north bergen hudson county

    ^Pendulums and how to use/which to choose based on your needs

    Before opening the shop, the Petrosellis knew that their career paths would one day lead them to opening a crystal and energy oasis — Chris having spiritual gifts since he was a child and Adriana studying different spiritual paths from a very early age. Nowadays, they seek to inspire, motivate, and encourage people to live a more spiritually-oriented life.

    To the left, the loose crystals section is abundant, with rose quartz, moonstones, tourmaline, garnet, carnelian, zebra jasper, and about 75+ other varieties of gemstones ready for purchase.

    rock my world crystals shop north bergen

    A few of the noteworthy stones to peruse {and their meanings — but seriously, there are so many just go to the store and see what speaks to you}:

    rock my world crystals shop north bergen

    – Carnelian: protects against negative forces and energies

    – Moonstone: for fertility

    -Pink Calcite: promotes forgiveness, helps in gaining self-acceptance

    – Strawberry Quartz: stimulates love for all things, heals body and soul

    – Rose Opal: balances thoughts and emotions

    – Lapis Lazuli: helps in communicating feeling

    rock my world crystals shop north bergen

    rock my world shop north bergen

    Behind the loose stones are a variety of amethysts, citrine, rose quartz, and a varied selection of larger rocks and crystals, ideal for shelf decor with a purpose or a self-care altar.

    At the other end of the store, sage, incense, and palo santo are perched in bundles. It’s hard not to grab at least a few bundles before you head to the register.

    rock my world crystals shop north bergen hudson county

    At checkout, any crystals purchased will be palo santo-ed by the staff so they are freshly energized and ready for their purpose.

    rock my world crystals shop north bergen

    ^Palo Santo-ing the stones — turning any negative energy into positive

    The space also offers events and classes from time to time {the schedule which can be found here though at the time of writing this, RMW doesn’t have any upcoming}.

    rock my world crystals

    The hours for the shop are:

    Monday 11AM–7:00PM
    Tuesday 11AM–7:00PM
    Wednesday 11AM–7:00PM
    Thursday 11AM–7:00PM
    Friday — Closed
    Saturday 11AM–7:00PM
    Sunday 12–6:00PM

    It’s truly a diamond in the rough of Tonnelle Avenue, and a must-visit for any crystals enthusiast or if you want to take a quick drive out of Hoboken/JC.

    PS: They have parking!

    Have you been to Rock My World? What did you think?


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