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Puzzle Out {Escape the Room} Expands to Jersey City

by Genna
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Looking for a fun group activity that doesn’t involve food and drinking? Earlier this year we shared Hoboken’s first “escape the room” game and we’re happy to announce that Puzzle Out has officially expanded into Jersey City in a very convenient location across from the Grove Street PATH.


Puzzle Out is a a live escape game where you have one hour to find clues and solve puzzles to escape. Puzzle Out is perfect for girls’ night out, couples activity, corporate parties, or even a team-building event for co-workers with a happy hour to follow {it’s probably for the best to NOT go to happy hour first …for obvious reasons}. They host games for up to 30 people where teams can go head to head for some fun and friendly competition. Anyway, we digress — read on for more details about how the game works and if our girl squad of five puzzled our way out:

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This Jersey City – and newest! – Puzzle Out is located at 317 Grove Street, only 1 short block from the Grove PATH station {above PNC Bank across from Dunkin’ Donuts}. The entrance is a door on the side of the building before reaching Stella’s restaurant. Puzzle Out is up the stairs on the 2nd floor with its door wide open — hopefully you can find it easily and not make entering the room harder than escaping…


Arrival & Debriefing

When we first arrived, we sat down in the reception space and were greeted by Gil, who has played over 40 escape rooms himself — so impressive. He joyfully welcomed us into the space, let us lock up our belongings, and debriefed us on the game and rules. Sidenote: using the restroom was a must before entering the room; the full hour is no joke.

During the debriefing, Gil gave us a complete rundown of how the game would work and what items were not part of the game {most are, minus the obvious power outlets and fuse box}. He also filled us in on our “Grand Theft Jersey City” challenge: we were robbing a vault and needed to steal as much as possible before calling our getaway car.


Game Time

We couldn’t take too many pictures inside the room and can’t give you all the details or we’d spoil the fun {duh}. Buuuut, we can give you a few insider tips and what sets Puzzle Out apart from other escape-the-room games.

The goal of our challenge was to solve all of the puzzles and eventually find the code to call the getaway driver to escape. We were tasked with breaking into the “vault” to “steal” the goods locked inside by scanning each of their barcodes to sum a grand dollar total of stolen goods {Gil mentioned anything over $300,000 would be successful for our small group}.

There was a TV that counted down the minutes and totaled the value of our scanned items, which we were also able to use to request clues if we needed a hint.


Seconds to Spare

Each step of the game relied on solving a different puzzle, and we were able to share our troubles with each other to ultimately lead to our success! Thankfully, we made it out of the room with under 10 seconds to spare. There were even extra puzzles we could choose to answer spread throughout the room denoted by special star stickers {an added challenge}.

Not gonna lie, we all felt pretty smart after escaping. The puzzles are entertaining, but also time-consuming and not as easy as expected to be — calling it a simple brain challenge would be understating an attendee’s efforts.


^The crew after we escaped!

Reasons to Return

There are FOUR different challenges available at the Jersey City Puzzle Out location, so once you’ve played, you can definitely go back again – unlike the Hoboken location which only has one. The game we played called “Grand Theft Jersey City” is available in identical side-by-side rooms {for 15 people each} if you want to race another group of friends to see who gets out first or steals more money.

The other challenges include “Architect Studio” which is the hardest challenge they offer {with only a 29% success rate} and “Downtown Countdown” which is an outdoor scavenger hunt style game between Newark Ave and the waterfront that incorporates local businesses and clues. How fun is that for a sunny day activity?


If you’re looking for something fun, challenging, and different to do — Puzzle Out is the perfect choice. Tickets range from $25-$32 per person depending on the number of people on your team {recommended for ages 16 and up}.

Click here for the full schedule and to book your game in either Hoboken or Jersey City.


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